Tips to deal with brain fog

by May 6, 2021

Have you experienced brain fog during the pandemic?

Read on about the results of a LinkedIn discussion and tips to deal with brain fog


Dorothy Dalton, asked in a recent LinkedIn discussion if anyone had experienced any of the following which could indicate Brain Fog.

🤔 Think you’ve done something… but not really?
🤔 Are easily distracted during routine tasks?
🤔 Lose concentration in (boring) meetings?
🤔 Are easily irritated? Sheesh…
🤔 Feel isolated or overwhelmed? (I need a hug vs just leave me alone)

The results are in. 89% of pollsters have experienced brain fog. 51% frequently. 


Brain fog and COVID

There are two things going on currently.

1. Post-COVID brain fog

Many people who have had COVID 19 report lingering symptoms that are not as dramatic as long-COVID which is an extension of the disease. These symptoms include: lack of energy, dizziness, forgetfulness, and an inability to concentrate. Some people describe it as having like having dementia. Research on long-lasting brain fog has only just started. A study from France in August 2020, of 120 patients hospitalized with COVID found that 34% had memory loss and 27 % had concentration problems months later.

Advice is that people do recover, so it is important to be hopeful and positive. Try slowly to get back to your normal routine under the supervision of your doctor. Lead a healthy lifestyle, doing physical exercise, and keeping your mind busy.

2. Brain fog with NO COVID.

There are many bewildering reports from people who have not had COVID who have developed psychological and even physical manifestations of stress and isolation. Dorothy Dalton reported an extreme allergic reaction requiring a trip to the E.R. when she says the only thing she could be allergic to is her sofa. A battery of tests produced negative results. A network colleague fainted on the sidewalk and now needs orthodontal work. There seems to be no physical reason why this happened.

Others report anxiety, depression, inability to sleep.

Sofie Ann Bracke, a Belgium-based expert in Chinese medicine suggests that Brain Fog can be a symptom of the digestive system not working optimally, creating what is called ‘damp’ in the body. This can be caused by eating things you don’t digest very well (often too much wheat, dairy produce, sugar) but also things such as worrying, too much intellectual work, a sedentary lifestyle can play a significant role here. Most often you have a combination of physical and mental causes.

Other symptoms to brain fog, heavy legs, bloating, gurgling in the stomach/intestines, loose stools, tiredness, worrying a lot or thinking the same things over and over again.

She suggests a series of acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs as well as looking at diet and mental plus physical habits.

Marian Timms, a sleep specialist and insomnia advisor shared she finds using her grounding mat or grounding on mother earth along with good sleep and supporting energy system with energy medicine products works. Marian goes on to say “My clients benefit too so brain fog can sling its hook”

Christina A Callaway Confidence Coach is a COVID-19 and long-haul survivor. “The brain fog was one of the most debilitating symptoms that I was left to deal with after the virus. Thankfully, I finally got relief four months after having the virus when I added B3 to my supplements.”

Paul Bore an Operations President said Keep exercising.  Andrew Carnegie said “It is the mind that makes the body rich.” But if you don’t keep the blood rushing through your body through exercising the heart, It won’t keep the mind clear!!!

Ieva Drazniece Communications Specialist found physical activity very helpful. Ieva suggested a  long 10K feet walk or running while doing that listening to music on headphones or calling family or friends help to get into another vibe very smooth.”After these options I feel very focused, mind is sharp and I am productive again.”

Wes Pearce, Professional Resume Writer made a suggestion that is often overlooked “This sounds really basic, but I try to drink a lot of water when I start feeling brain fog. Most of us are dehydrated and especially at home while working when we’ve got a million other things on our mind. Water helps!”

Astrid Van den Maagdenberg Virtual assistant added “For me it helps a lot to take my CBD oil each morning. It reduces stress and helps me focus!”

Sergio Padure DevOps Engineer shared “My usual method to manage stress (lifting heavy weights and putting them down) wasn’t available so it’s definitely been a challenge. I’m very grateful for Headspace Inc. for their application. Mindfulness meditation is incredible for stress relief and for rebalancing yourself!”

Ronald David, Global Manager of Advanced Electronics Technology commented  “I am typically very driven and able to manage myself and my team without much, if any, assistance from others. This year has been tough on all of us. I have learned that I need to take time to exercise or rest. It is ok to not be ok. As my friend Ashley has pointed out recently. A leader cannot pour from an empty cup.”

Tips to deal with Brain Fog






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