Research project on diversity and inclusion in corporate partnerships

Delphine Lescole has launched a short survey to explore more specifically the subject of Diversity and Inclusion in corporate partnerships.


Corporate sponsorship represents an increasing source of funding for the non-profit sector in the UK. This greater involvement of the private sector reflects a lack of funding from the non-profits, but also the existence of real interest for corporate organisations to invest in them. Several researchers in the domain even present corporate sponsorship as an expanding strategy of communication for the private sector in the upcoming years, due to comparable advantages on advertising, and with a greater emphasis on arts support due to the saturation of sports sponsorship (O’Hagan and Harvey 2000; Quester and Thompson 2001).

Studies also mention the will to give something back to communities as an emerging shift in corporate sponsorship objectives. Far from purely business and growth-oriented goals, more and, more companies are seeking to involve themselves in common-good objectives and social benefits through sponsorship.

diversity and inclusion in corporate partnerships

While we observe the emergence of new practices, questions on the future of corporate sponsorship still need to be explored. The integration of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion objectives (Equality Act 2010) as a driver of corporate partnerships is one of these new trends that the student researcher Delphine Lescole wishes to explore today.

This postgraduate student from the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Management at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh is particularly interested to collect corporate businesses feedback on the matter. The objective is to build a report that will serve both business and non-profit organisations that are willing to make a change in their marketing and corporate partnerships operations.

For that, she launched a short survey to collect corporate businesses’ impressions, and explore more specifically the subject of Diversity and Inclusion corporate partnerships in cultural organisations. She is targeting specifically working members of companies using corporate sponsorship as a promotional tool. This can be in several domains, even if the arts sector is the main focus of this study.

At the end of the research, a report will be produced and a summary of the findings will be made available for the participants. This could be an opportunity for corporate businesses to be informed of new trends and practices in corporate sponsorship.

This survey consists of a mix of multiple-choice and open questions and can take around 10-15 minutes to complete. It will be opened for two weeks, until Thursday, 17th of June. The summary of the findings will be sent by email to the participants during the month of July. Please find the link below to complete the survey:



Any additional questions on the research can be asked to the researcher Delphine Lescole at the following email address: [email protected].

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