Intuition – The Undervalued Female Superpower

by Jul 15, 2021

Undervalued Female Superpower

Is intuition the undervalued female superpower and the key to a tool that we all use to design the life we love?


Farrah Fawcett said “God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.”


Intuition is described as “knowing without conscious reasoning, a deeper knowing, a gut feeling that can help us navigate our choices through life in accordance with what we desire most.”

It can come in a moment as a feeling that guides you towards making an important decision. This is when you really cannot quite explain something, but somehow it feels trusting and comforting.

The value of intuition

Many great leaders throughout history speak about intuition and rely on it to allow themselves to be guided through the uncertainty of life. Even Einstein said that “the only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Among many other important decisions in my life, I credit intuition as the reason why I started to practice meditation 7 years ago. As I walked by the center for Transcendental Meditation in NYC, I felt a sudden urge to go inside and find out more. Prior to this day, I had never learned about meditation nor spoken to someone who was regularly practicing it. What drew me to go inside completely transformed my mental and emotional health as well as my ability to access flow states.

One of my coaching clients told me that when she first decided to hire me, she had no idea why exactly she felt called to work with me. 6 months later her life completely transformed as she was able to discover who she really is instead of fitting herself into who she thinks society wants her to be.


female intuition

Masculine and feminine energy

Personally, I believe intuition functions as a compass that communicates directly to us from a higher intelligence. It is an ancient knowing that has our best interest at heart. You may call this God, the Universe, Life, or whatever other term resonates with you.

Naturally, intuition is not only available to women as it does not relate to a gender-exclusive trait. Rather it aligns with the archetypal feminine and masculine energy that we all carry inside of us. The masculine in us relates to the logical, straightforward and structured approach, usually relying on the mind. The feminine in us is about the creative and unrestricted heart-driven self-expression that finds a deeper connection to our emotions.

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So then, why do I believe that intuition is the undervalued female superpower?

Research has revealed that women show more activity in the part of the brain that controls emotions. This allows them to better cultivate emotional intelligence and speak into what’s actually happening inside of them. I firmly believe that emotions are messengers of wisdom. They communicate what we need at the deepest level and with it, provide opportunities for ongoing personal growth.

Rather than suppressing and resisting emotions in the way that society often demands it, leaning into them, can help us access our intuition.

This process is not a logical, A to B type of approach but one that requires cultivating patience, trust, and openness to be guided towards areas that may currently be unfamiliar to you. If you want to learn how to nurture your own intuition so that you can find a greater degree of free creative self-expression as well as connecting to that divine life compass, I invite you to make time to be with your feelings and allow them to guide you.

Undervalued Female Superpower


Vulnerability and trust

Give yourself the space to be completely vulnerable with someone you can trust without trying to rationalize why you feel this way. Let your heart express whatever it wants to express and you’ll see that this practice is fast-track to become more intuitive.

I believe in a future where we can all embrace our emotions rather than suppress them so that we can find healing in the beautiful diverse collective. And I believe women are the key to this future where intuition is a tool that we all use to design the life we love.


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Mario Lanzarotti Contributor
Mario Lanzarotti, known as the Freedom Architect is a business mindset coach focused on helping leaders build the confidence they need to reach the next level of success, impact, and personal freedom. Mario travels the world hosting his masterclasses that are focused on conscious leadership and next-level mindsets.

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