8 Holiday Season job search myths busted

by Dec 9, 2021

Busting holiday season job search myths


Here are a number of holiday season job search myths that encourage job seekers to postpone or slow down their job search. Here’s why they are debunked!


Many job seekers put their job search on hold or slow it down during the holiday season. However, career coaches and recruiters claim they can be just as busy in the run-up to the holidays and into January.  A recruitment myth is that hiring stops during the holiday season, but for many recruitment and hiring managers it’s business as usual. Job seekers who stay active for holiday season job search, find that they actually may have a greater chance as their fellow job seekers (competitors) reduce their efforts.


The holiday period can even provide some marked advantages for the focused and pro-active job seeker.

#1  Everyone is off

No, they are not!

As we live in increasingly diverse communities we should be aware of cultures and countries which follow other holidays and maybe working completely normally. Some employees with different cultural backgrounds do not observe Christmas and prefer to take time off at alternative times of the year. Increasingly employees also ask to take time off at non-peak times when it’s easier and cheaper to travel, especially those without children. Especially now during the pandemic when travel and testing is so complicated. It’s no longer an across-the-board assumption that everyone will be off work.

#2 Budgets are spent

Nope not always!

Many companies may find they have a budget to use up before the year-end and redouble their efforts to hire people in the last months of the financial year to avoid losing their financial allocation or getting their budgets cut next year.


#3 Next year’s plan is made in January

Wrong again.

Frequently the hiring plan and budget approval for the next financial year is established in Q4 of the current year. Jacqui Poindexter, Master Executive Resume writer suggests:

“Submitting your resume during this time will certainly gain you better pole position to replace those who may be at the end of their race. Why wait until after the first of the year, when management is making those decisions now?”

#4 No one will contact me

Well, they might! A number of people prefer to work around the holidays because it can be a quieter time to catch up on work. Many potential candidates are out of the office if they are employed and are easier to reach by phone or email.

If you are an active job seeker Dorothy Dalton, Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach says:

 “Stay connected. Make sure you check your mail and voice messages regularly even if you do enter into the Christmas spirit. I have been asked by hiring managers to contact candidates during this period. Last year one candidate left our call to take the mince pies out of the oven. Head hunters are understanding at this time of the year. ” 

You can also use this moment as an opportunity to contact recruiters and hiring managers to let them know they are welcome to contact you over the holidays.

#5 It’s too late to volunteer

No, it isn’t.

Charities are always looking for volunteers during this busy time, regardless of how much experience you have. Volunteering can provide excellent networking opportunities even in unskilled work. People get sick and requirements change. It’s great to add your experiences to your resume if you are unemployed.

During the pandemic many organisations are looking for people to call seniors who maybe alone over the holidays. Check out what is going on in your area.

#6 Seasonal positions are already filled

Not necessarily! An increasing number of organizations have hiring spikes for the seasonal period. These roles can be in call centers, customer service, logistics, events, retail, hospitality, and be full and part-time. During the pandemic we saw a spike in openings in  the supply chain sector and it’s always worth checking out even at the last-minute. Your holiday season job search can also be used from shifting from a temp to perm role. One contact was hired only last week as a personal shopper for a retail chain.

Susan P Joyce, Jobhunts Online Job Expert amplifies:

“When or if you’re asked, mention your interest in finding a new job, saying specifically what kind of work you want and name two or three target employers or target industries.”

#7 No one wants to hear from me

Of course, they do!

That is your Chief Doubting Officer speaking. Clear your head of negative thinking.  What better time to keep in touch with your network than the holiday season.  Send out a secular card with Season’s or New Year greetings. Add a business card if it’s an old school card sent by snail mail which should include your LinkedIn URL. This serves to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd and personalise the relationship.  A gracious handwritten card with a sincere message can make a big difference. With everyone working from home they may not get the card for some time so check if you can.

#8  I can’t stay focused – use the KISS Pledge format

You can!

With the seasonal round of parties, family meals, and cocktails it can be hard to stay focused. Use the KISS Pledge formula (it has nothing to do with mistletoe) but a good way of committing to doing one thing every day to ensure that your holiday season job search stays on track. It could be sending out a daily LinkedIn update, looking for new opportunities, or reaching out to networking contacts. Write out your daily goal on a KISS Pledge note and stick it somewhere you can see it. Make sure you can achieve that goal and follow through.


Get in touch today to find out what your personal development needs are for 2022 and boost your holiday job search.




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