Promote Gender Balance In Your Company With Better Listening

by Dec 2, 2021

Promote Gender Balance and Improve Communication

Promote gender balance with better listening to create and improve communication and balance in your company. 


For many companies, establishing a good gender balance in the workplace can be difficult. Today, achieving a gender balance is essential not only for the success of a business but also for the satisfaction and happiness of employees and customers. One of the best ways to promote this balance is to create an atmosphere of listening and improve the communication in your company. 


promote gender balance


Tips for Better Listening

Listening may seem like a skill that comes automatically for most people, but you’d be surprised how lackluster some people’s listening abilities are. Here are 3 tips to remember during your next meeting or conversation at work.

Focus On Understanding

A lot of times when we’re speaking to someone, we focus on our response rather than what the other person is saying. This is completely natural, and can be caused by nerves or something else entirely. This problem can seem worse when speaking to the opposite gender and cause tension in your office.

To avoid the issues that arise from a lack of understanding, make sure to fully pay attention to what others are saying to you. Step back and take a moment to comprehend and process what was just said to you before giving a response. Your co-workers will appreciate the extra time and effort you put in to understand them and give a valuable response. 

Remember to Ask Questions

When you’re engaged in a conversation, asking questions throughout will let them know that you’re actively listening and engaging with what they are saying. By asking questions you’re displaying that you value what’s being said and want to make sure you’re understanding it right.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to ask too many questions. If you’re just asking questions to sound like you’re listening you’re missing the point. Ask insightful, genuine questions that you want to hear the answer to.

Some examples of questions you could ask are:

“Why do you feel this way about…..”

“How do you think we can fix……”

“Can you tell me what you exactly mean by……”

This is especially important when we feel resistance. Usually when people are resistant to change it’s necessary to find you what the real concerns are. It’s usually because they are fearful of the future and their role in it. Tied in to that will be the anticipation of some sort of loss.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Follow-ups are an important part of any discussion or conversation, even though they come after the interaction itself has ended. A follow-up lets you make sure you’re on the same page as everyone else, and tells them that you value their feedback and input. 

Let your co-workers and clients know that you haven’t forgotten what they’ve said, and that you’re taking it into account. Even if you can’t take action on something right away, don’t make them think that you’ve just forgotten about their concerns.

Remember, achieving a good gender balance is not something that’s done easily! It takes work, cooperation and active listening above all. For more tips on developing the art of listening as well as some examples, check out this article from Chattermill and the infographic below:

promote gender balance


If you want to enhance your attentive communication and improve gender balance in your organisation check out our corporate services programs.



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