If men could get pregnant – would they?

by May 17, 2022

If men could get pregnant

What would happen if the tables were turned and men could get pregnant. Would they go with the flow? No of course not!


There has always been an interest in women’s bodies and what we do with them. Excessively so IMHO.  Too much skin, cleavage, leg, eye make-up. Too fat, too thin, too old, too young. The list is endless.

But recently there seems to be more than a passing phase. Women and their bodies and what they do with them are in the news. Whether this is topless beaches in Nantucket or period pain laws in Spain. Governing bodies, mainly male, are legislating on our behalf.

I wonder how things would look if the tables were turned and women tried to control men’s bodies. Not just in the pressure from social media and ad campaigns to bust a six pack, because I get that happens to men too, but by law.

But if men could get pregnant would they?


Roes vs Wade leak

We’ve already discussed the horror that many of us felt hearing about the Roe vs Wade leak last week. This whole issue is about taking a woman’s personal control of her body away from her. This even covers the following exceptional circumstances:

• Unborn foetuses with conditions that cannot sustain life after birth.
• Women impregnated during rape and incest.
• Marital rape which is still not illegal in 7 EU member states.
• When the mother’s life is threatened.
• Underage pregnancy – rape of a minor.
• Selective egg reduction following IVF.
• Baby dying in utero.
• Ectopic pregnancies.
• Failed contraception.


Colour me this. Imagine a situation where men had to face the risks associated with having “recreational” sex.

This could cover complications such as:

• A 9-month disruption to their bodies. (back pain, peeing, bloating, weight gain)
• An extended recovery period.
• Physical and mental side effects.
• Disruption to their education and careers.
• Responsibility for another human being.
• In some communities becoming a social outcast.

And not forgetting the actual labour. Take a look at this video of men experiencing simulated labour pains. Do you think if they had to go through this they might have a different approach?

Then they were told they had to have a vasectomy. A mandatory vasectomy. Which is reversible.  And not having a vasectomy would be a criminal offense and anyone who helped them have one would also be guilty under the law.

How well do you think that would go down?

Do you think they would want some choice in the matter over what happens to their bodies? Or would they just go with the flow?

Exactly right.

Do you think this fight to control what happens to your body can’t come to a place near you? This is no time to get complacent.


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