3 motivational quotes to help you speak up

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Think of these inspirational quotes when you need to speak up


When you want to speak up about something it can be very intimidating. Here is a wonderfully inspiring story from a woman who tapped into the words of the wise to speak up. When she did, it shaped her career.

Disagreeing with everyone in the room

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Out loud. Coco Chanel

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Martina Janssen is now a retired Head of  R & D, after a career spent in the pharmaceutical sector. She recalls a formative incident early on, not long after graduating, when she was attending a meeting to discuss the rollout of a new product. “I was probably the most junior person in the room.  As I recall the only woman.  Maybe there was a secretary. All the senior managers were batting around an idea that everyone was raving about. It felt like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone was enthusing about this “great” idea. But to me, it was completely flawed. The situation was crazy making. What was the matter with me that I was the only one with a negative perspective? Was I losing my mind?  Why couldn’t I see what they could all see? And then I plucked up courage to say what was going through my head.”


Speak up

Finding the confidence

Speak your mind even though your voice shakes” Eleanor Roosevelt

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She carries on. “I think I put up my hand a little nervously and spoke like women do, especially back then. Almost apologizing before I started. I was asked to explain in detail what I meant, but the tone was slightly patronizing. Just a few seconds into saying what was going on in my mind, my voice started shaking and I sounded weak and unconvincing. I took a deep breath. I could feel all eyes on me, so continued in what I hoped was my strongest voice!”


Speak up

One voice is all it takes

It only takes one voice at the right pitch to start an avalanche” Dianna Hardy

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“Then people started picking up on what I was saying. A couple were a bit grumpy, but eventually, the head of department said something like “You know she’s right.” We then brainstormed for over an hour and ended up developing a prototype rollout program, that was the basis of our business model for 5 years. My boss said afterwards, that was how he remembered me. Of course, they call it disruptive thinking now. But for me, finding the courage to speak up at that precise moment defined the rest of my career.”


Speak up

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What motivational quotes would you suggest to inspire women to speak up?


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