How Patience Speeds Things Up

by Jun 7, 2022

How Patience Speeds Things Up

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.” -Edmund Burke


Patience is a funny thing. It works differently than you might imagine, and it is VERY powerful. Although we often think of “waiting” when we visualize patience, it can actually speed up the process and help you reach your goals even faster! When you’ve truly committed to remaining patient, it keeps everything you’re doing flowing smoothly and effortlessly. You feel so much more “on-track” with getting things done. And, most importantly, patience allows you to enjoy the present moment, the one that you create from. The only one that matters!

How can you feel more patience?

Patience comes from the calm that we have deep within. It is a mindset. This calm mindset is what will get you where you want to go quickly. You’ll feel so good taking inspired action and creating what you want. How wonderful and amazing that we have this ability!

Patience speeds things up

As you practice patience, not only will you enjoy each day, but you’ll have a notable effect on others. Patience has a ripple effect. With your newfound “calm knowing” that everything is worthy of your full and positive presence, you’ll find it easier to show your kindness toward others. You’ll have more fun, because love is always at the heart of true fun!

The first step to patience is calming yourself.

Try this method to bring yourself back to calm and help you maintain patience throughout your day. (Check out my “Guided Heart Meditation” for help with this exercise.)

Step 1. Close your eyes and put your hand over your heart. Feel the warmth of your body. You may feel a sensation or a tingling of your heart center.

Step 2. As you do this, imagine that you are breathing love into your heart. On each in-breath, breathe in the breath of love deeply and say “I love myself.” Now, relax and drop your shoulders. Allow yourself to feel love from your heart.

Step 3. When you exhale, just imagine letting go of anything that is keeping you from feeling good. Your default setting is “love”, so you can always get back to it!

Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3 again. This time, when you get to step 3, on the exhale, send love out all around you. Feel yourself surrounded by love and send it out, sharing it with the world, or with a particular person or situation. See the situation or the person in your mind and say to yourself, “I send you love from my heart____.”


Patience speeds things up


Repeat these steps as long as necessary to feel more peace and calm. You can use them daily as a form of meditation, if you like. Just 5 minutes of focused breathing can feel wonderful. As you feel your breath going into and out of your heart at your own pace, it will be easier to practice the joy of patience.

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Now you can enjoy a calm mindset, getting everything done, achieving what you wish for with patience, in an easy and effortless manner, and faster than you ever imagined possible. Now you’re on the joyful track to living each day, with a smile on your face, as you create a life that you love!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!


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