6 low cost ways to make a career pivot

by Aug 4, 2022

Low cost ways to make a career pivot

Looking for low cost ways to make a career pivot?  Follow these 6 tips


There are lots of reasons for making a career pivot to leave one professional activity behind and try something new. Life is full of change. Some are planned, and some changes are imposed on us. At times we expect disruption, but other cases surprise us or even completely blindside us.

If a career is no longer rewarding we might look for a new challenge. We might want a less stressful life or better work life balance. Perhaps we just want to earn more money.  Sometimes, we are ahead of the game and anticipate an economic downturn – downsizing or automation are very topical currently.

Most changes, whatever the cause, bring about some level of discomfort, and for many the major concerns are around financial uncertainty.


low cost ways to make a career pivot

Here are 6 low cost ways to make a career pivot

1.  Skill audit

Carry out thorough research and do a skill set audit. What new skills do you need to be where you want to go, and what are the strong transferable skills that you can take with you? Make a list of how to bridge the gap and the options you have to fill it.

It has never been easier and cheaper to acquire new skills. You can do this on LinkedIn via LinkedIn premium. Take out a month’s free trial and complete as many courses as possible. You can post those on your LinkedIn profile. Maybe take LinkedIn Premium membership for a few months.

LinkedIn are also offering certain courses free during August 2022. Thanks to Glen Cathey for the alert.  Find the list here. 

It may mean that you need to take an additional qualification  – so build that cost into your career pivot budget.

2.  Research

Look at your target sector and individual companies within it. How do they operate and what can you learn from them? Make a note so you can include your ideas in any future pitch if you ever get interviewed. Do you need to factor anything you’ve observed into your upskilling or reskilling activities? What do they seem to focus on?

Learn how to identify your transferable skills

3. Volunteer

Make a list of target organisations operating in your new field and offer your services for free as a “grown-up intern.” This will give you project work you can talk about. They may even be willing to provide a reference or throw in free lunches. if you don’t ask, you don’t get. The worst thing that can happen is they can say NO.

Small organsiations on tight budgets or start-ups might welcome this kind of initiative. Charities and NGOs can also be open to volunteers.

4. Create a side hustle

If your chosen field is in an area where you can build a side hustle, set that up as soon as you can. Get paid for your efforts at the earliest possible moment.  This can be an extension of your volunteering activities when you are building up new elements for your CV and LinkedIn profile. Make sure you update your documentation  – your CV and LinkedIn profile with your latest success stories.

I recently suggested to someone wanting to break into sales that they get some type of call center work. It is pretty gruelling, but these organisations usually train people,  and it’s a great way to learn sales basics: overcoming objections, closing techniques, handling irate customers and coping with rejection.

Charities also may welcome support in fund raising activities.



low cost ways to make a career pivot

5. Build a network in your new field

Network strategically in your target area and try and learn as much from your new contacts as possible. If any of them will make further introductions or sponsor you that would be even better.

career coach can help to provide focus and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Find out more HERE about how a career coach could help you.

6. Raise your visibility

LinkedIn is excellent for visibility raising. Post and engage on topics associated with your new passions. Write a guest blog post or start your own. Offer to be a guest on a podcast. If you feel comfortable, you can even set up your own podcast.


Change = growth

Transition brings about many layers of discomfort. But this is where growth happens. Don’t forget that your LinkedIn profile should reflect and focus on where you want to be in the future, rather than what you’ve done.

Showcase the strong foundation you have byuilt for your new venture  and the solid skills you take with you.

These tips are all free or low cost ways to make a career pivot and anyone can do them.

What are you waiting for?


Your career should be firmly in your hands. Don’t wait for anyone to take care of you. Invest in yourself


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