4 tips if you are thinking of leaving Twitter

by Nov 3, 2022

Thinking of leaving Twitter?

Elon Musk has taken over Twitter. Here are four things you can do if you are thinking of leaving this platform.


Elon Musk has taken over Twitter.

Stay or go?

As you know I am a die-hard and long-standing Twitter fan and user. I have never understood the fawning preoccupation with Mr. Musk, who frequently appears on lists of usually white, male leaders we are encouraged to emulate. I also tend to be deeply suspicious of anyone whose children headcount is in double digits in the 21st century.

His name is aligned with accusations of sexual abuse, exploitative workplace practices, racism, sexism, dodgy politics, and dubious financial behaviour, with I suspect more scandals yet to surface.

So you can imagine I am less than thrilled by this development amid reports of an increased spike in anti-semitic and racist tweets. Musk himself sent out an ill-advised, and now deleted tweet pandering to fake news around the attempted murder of Paul Pelosi.

So what to do?


leaving twitter

Stay or go?

I am sad and alarmed but decided to play a waiting game. I have loved the pace of the platform and connecting and interacting with people I don’t know. It’s far more democratic and open than LinkedIn in that respect. I have then been able to convert these connections on other platforms and have gone on to meet them in person. Twitter doesn’t take itself too seriously and above all it is short.

Like other social media sites if you curate your feed you can get early visibility on excellent content and I have avoided trolls and bots. I report offenders regularly and didn’t think their community policy was strict enough, although overall I felt that Twitter did a reasonable job of dealing with the more extreme cases of inappropriate behaviour. The thought of that function being reduced or removed to  accommodate “free speech” without accountability and the spreading of even more fake news fills me with alarm.


4 things to do if you are thinking of leaving Twitter

1. Archive your data

I looked into my options I have connections who immediately announced they are leaving Twitter with immediate effect. I am going to play a waiting game. Here is some good advice from @naima to download your archive data. See below the screenshot.


It takes about 24 hours for a download link to come through which is valid for 7 days. I have done it, but haven’t looked at the file yet.

2. Sign up for BlueSky

To hedge my bets because I am not leaving Twitter immediately, I have also signed myself and 3Plus up for the waiting list for Blue Sky an alternative platform ironically being set up by Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder. He says it is due to launch soon. Possibly staffed by the executives Musk just fired? Or perhaps I am super cynical.

He claims the platform will rival Facebook (META), Instagram and Snapchat (SNAP).

Based on blockchain, Bluesky data will apparently be “free from governmental influence and controlled by users rather than commercialised by a corporation, a move which could revolutionise the personal data economy.” I am not sure how that will work especially in Europe with strong GDPR regulations

Bluesky users will apparently be able to use their account to log in to any social media account that adopts the new code. So a single account will give them access to all of their favourite social media.

Worth a read: Social Media Etiquette for Professional Use 

3. Migrate your connections

In the meantime as part of your networking strategy make sure you protect your Twitter connections and migrate them to LinkedIn or other platforms. I sent out my LinkedIn QR code and will continue to do this.


4. Deactivate your account

Deactivating your Twitter account is the first step to deleting your account permanently. Deactivation lasts 30 days. If you do not access your account within the 30-day deactivation period, your account is deleted and your username will no longer be associated with your account.

The Twitter Help Center provides step by step guidelines to do that

What did I miss?

Watch this space

So in the meantime, I am waiting and observing. Leave in disgust or stay and represent a different world?  Some say that Musk needs the platform to be profitable so will not want to alienate advertisers, but the push from every nut job on the planet may in the end be too much.

Will history in time view Musk as one of the most over-hyped individuals of his generation or the genius his fanbase thinks he is?

Watch this space.


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