Swing by for our online open-door coaching session

by Jan 24, 2023

Join us for an open-door coaching session with Dorothy Dalton

As a way of saying thank you for all the ongoing support from our newsletter subscribers, 3Plus Founder Dorothy Dalton will be offering an online swing-by, open-door, coaching session.

on Monday 30th January 2023 at 17:00 – 17:45 CET

This month she will be looking at the topic of  “Executive Presence” and how the concept sits in today’s post-covid workplace.

Are the old definitions still fit for purpose? Which bits are still relevant and which should be archived?


open-door coaching session


Definition of Executive Presence

Executive presence has always traditionally been referred to as the ability to project confidence, authority, and poise in a professional setting. It covers a variety of characteristics, including communication skills, leadership capabilities, and personal appearance.

It is the ability to command attention, inspire confidence and create a positive impression.

EP also includes being able to communicate clearly and effectively, having the ability to connect with others, and being able to project a sense of authority, authenticity and integrity.

But how relevant is that definition today in our fast-changing world?

 Bias in Executive Presence

In full transparency, we are seeing a shift in attitude to the old-school definition which in today’s workplace may seem outdated and filled with bias. These biases include:

  1. Confidence and Charisma bias – favours extroverts over introverts
  2. Gender bias: Research has shown that women are often held to different standards than men when it comes to executive presence.
  3. Racial bias: People of colour may face additional challenges in the way their executive presence is judged down to unconscious bias and stereotypes.
  4. Ageism: older people may be seen as out of touch, less adaptable, slower, or less physically able. Younger people may be considered to be lacking experience and gravitas.
  5. Appearance bias: People may be judged based on their physical appearance or the norms which are acceptable to the dominant group in an organisation.
  6. Physical ability: discriminates against anyone with a physical difference or disability.
  7. Nonverbal communication bias: Some people may be judged based on their nonverbal communication, such as their posture and facial expressions.
  8. Voice and accent bias: people receive some accents better than others.

So how can you navigate all the changes going on today and which pieces should you focus on? What do you do when so many of our meetings are now online?

Whether you come for 10 minutes or for all of it, join us on Monday 30th January 17:00 – 17:45 CET in this open-door coaching session.

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Note this will not be the right forum for any confidential issues, you can always get in touch privately.


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