Raising Your Professional Visibility When Working From Home

by Mar 23, 2023

Raising Your Professional Visibility


The shift to remote work has become a new norm for many companies and employees. While working from home has its benefits, such as increased flexibility and reduced commute time, it also presents challenges when it comes to professional visibility. Without the opportunity for in-person interactions, it can be difficult to showcase your skills and build a personal brand, and to advance in your career.

Professional visibility is important in career development, as it allows you to be recognized for your skills and expertise, and can open doors to new opportunities. But how can you build professional visibility while working from home when proximity bias is real?


Professional visibility

Focus on raising your visibility when working from home

1. Leveraging digital communication tools

Digital communication tools such as social media, video conferencing, and other digital platforms have become increasingly important for building professional visibility while working remotely. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to showcase your skills and expertise, and to build a personal brand.

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow you to create and participate in virtual events, webinars, and other online gatherings. These platforms give you an opportunity to interact with people in your industry, showcase your skills, and build your professional network.

3 key steps to visible communication

2. Participating in virtual events and webinars

Participating in virtual events and webinars is another great way to build professional visibility while working remotely. These events provide an opportunity to connect with other professionals in your field, learn from industry leaders, and showcase your skills and expertise.

For example, an IT professional can join a virtual conference on the latest technologies and can showcase their knowledge through a presentation or a panel discussion. This allows them to interact with other experts in their field, build relationships and expand their professional network.

3. Volunteering for virtual projects and initiatives

Participating in virtual projects and initiatives can also provide opportunities to collaborate with others and showcase your skills. Volunteer to take on projects or initiatives that align with your interests and career goals. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you’ll also have the chance to build relationships with colleagues and mentors.

For example, a marketer can volunteer to lead a virtual project for a non-profit organization, this will give them the opportunity to work on a cause they are passionate about and showcase their skills in a different setting.

4. Networking with peers and mentors

Networking with peers and mentors is also important, and it’s easy to do so in virtual environments. Join virtual groups or clubs that align with your interests, and actively participate in the discussions. This can help to create a sense of community and belonging, and can also provide opportunities to network and build professional relationships.

For example, a graphic designer can join a virtual group of designers on social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn. They can showcase their work, engage in discussions, and get feedback from peers. They can also connect with mentors, who can provide guidance and support in their career development.

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Invest the time and energy

Working from home doesn’t have to hinder the development of professional visibility. By leveraging digital communication tools, participating in virtual events and webinars, volunteering for virtual projects and initiatives, networking with peers and mentors, and being proactive, you can still showcase your skills and build a personal brand, and advance in your career.

It’s important to remember that building professional visibility takes time and effort, and it’s up to you to take the initiative to showcase your skills and build a personal brand. But with the right approach, you can still make the most of remote work opportunities and build visibility that will support your career development.

In a study by Hootsuite, it was found that 74% of professionals believe that building a personal brand is important for career advancement. By utilizing digital tools and participating in virtual events and projects, you can build a personal brand and showcase your skills to a wider audience.

Working remotely doesn’t have to be an obstacle to building professional visibility. By utilizing digital communication tools, participating in virtual events and webinars, volunteering for virtual projects and initiatives, networking with peers and mentors and being proactive, you can still build visibility that can help to advance your career.


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