The new word in town – microfeminism

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Microfeminism – The new word in town

Microfeminism gives every woman practical ways to nudge gender bias. It’s free and hands-on and everyone can do it. 


TikTok can be the home of absolute nonsense (Lazy Girl Jobs) but it is also the place where old concepts go for a rebrand with a new generation. We saw that with “Quiet Quitting”.  Today we have the old-school concept of “nudges” the system of calling out everyday sexism and bias, reinvented as microfeminism.

Sadly, we still need microfeminism today.  Gender violence in the workplace doesn’t start with violent acts such as rape ( less than 1% of women are raped in the workplace)  or sexual assault.  1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted in a professional setting. Although this is an unacceptable stat, gender violence starts with everyday sexism which over 90% of women experience.

These small microaggressions which we accept socially and culturally are the beginning of the pathway towards gender violence.


Microfeminism, is the small acts of feminism by individuals, particularly in the workplace, in an effort to tackle embedded gender bias and inequalities.

Videos with the #microfeminsm hashtag hit millions of views on TikTok. Ashley Chaney, kick-started the buzz about the movement with her video clip suggesting that her personal favourite form of microfeminism involves simply addressing women first in a group email, for example beginning with “Hello Jane, and Pete”.

Everydays sexism needs microfeminism

The pathway of violence continues when daily sexism, discrimination, and harassment toward women and girls are allowed to take place.

These seemingly insignificant actions challenge accepted practices and behaviours which embed stereotypes and set the scene for gender discrimination and violence in the workplace and in our wider cultures. They make an important contribution to shifting norms, values, and beliefs which make our workplaces non-inclusive.

Here are some of the main ways that women experience sexism



Worth a read: 7 Red Flags That Indicate Gender Washing – 3 Plus International

The main differences between feminism and microfeminsim are scale and scope. Feminism incorporates systemic and cultural change and large-scale advocacy projects. Microfeminism focuses on the subtle, daily actions that challenge women to encounter the male-coded situation.

Microfeminism includes:

  • Giving credit to a female colleague whose idea was claimed by someone else, or prioritising female perspectives in meetings. Previously called Shine!
  • Supporting women who are interrupted.
  • Being particular about language and rewording commonly used masculine-coded phrases such as “the man in the street,” .  “girls and boys” not “boys and girls!
  • Citing female authors, scientists, and specialists as resources not just men.
  • Complaining about manels.
  • Challenging mansplaining.
  • Referring women for jobs and stretch assignments.

Microfeminism gives every woman practical ways to nudge gender bias. It’s free and hands-on and everyone can do it.  It allows women to challenge the sexism they encounter in their everyday lives to encourage inclusivity in their own sphere of influence, especially in the workplace.


Tackle these issues head-on with our Managing Unconscious Bias workshops.

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Dorothy Dalton is CEO of 3Plus International. A specialist in diversity and bias conscious executive search, she supports organizations to achieve business success via gender balance, diversity and inclusion. She is CIPD qualified, and a certified coach and trainer including digital learning.
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