9 signs you need to change jobs

by Jun 4, 2024

 9 signs you need to change jobs

Read this post about 9 clear signs you need to change jobs, and how to make the steps to reboot your career.


Based on social media hype, the average employee tenure is higher than you might think. I was quite surprised when you hear about job hopping and the Great Resignation.

In the U.S. it is  4.1 years and in the EU the average is 9.91 years. In most European countries, men spend more time with a single employer on average than women. So how do you know when it’s time to move on? What are the signs you need to change jobs and it’s TTG?

Time. To. Go.

signs you need to change jobs

9 signs you need to change jobs

1. Sunday Scaries

Or Monday Morning Moodies – it doesn’t matter which.  These are widely reported phenomena characterised by feelings of dread, frustration, resignation or even anxiety that show up on Sunday night or Monday morning.

If that happens to you it’s a sign it’s TTG.

2. Zero job satisfaction

If your job sparks dread, not joy, then something is wrong. If the daily routine of what you do bores you witless, it can lead to burnout and decreased motivation. By sticking at it, you are not doing yourself or your organisation any favours. Your productivity will drop and so will your engagement.

Leave before you’re fired.

3. Lack of Growth Opportunities

You are on top of your job and know it inside and out. There are no surprises or challenges. You have no prospects for advancement, or perhaps your promotion prospects are blocked by someone who may not move on in the near future. Maybe there are no opportunities to upskill and you feel as though you are facing a dead-end.

If you have had that critical conversation with your manager about your personal career vision and they are either not interested or can’t support you. Ed Han Talent Acquisition Specialist said “I think that it’s time to move on when you have more to offer, but lack opportunities to do so within the current organization. “

4. Toxic Culture

A toxic workplace with poor relationships, lack of support, or constant stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health. If you see signs of any of the  “-isms” (racism, sexism, ageism)  bullying harassment or homophobia it’s time to plan your exit.

Growing research reveals the high level of damage that ongoing microaggressions can have on a person’s physical and emotional health. This can build up into systemic trauma.

You need to move.

5. Lack of recognition

If your work and contributions are consistently overlooked or undervalued, it can lead to feelings of resentment and low morale. if you are put down, degraded, or demeaned by a boss or your colleagues they are also signs that it’s time to leave your job.

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Recognition and appreciation are key to job satisfaction.  Dominic Imwalle, Career Coach adds “It’s time to move on when you don’t feel respected, valued, or paid fairly in your role. AND, you’ve had conversations around it multiple times without little movement.”


6. Undercompensated

If your salary has not kept pace with industry standards, cost of living increases, or if there are no benefits or raises in sight, it might be time to look for better financial opportunities elsewhere.

We all have bills to pay and if you have tried to negotiate a pay rise and have not been successful, this is the moment to sign up for job alerts.

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7. Vulnerable company

If you work in a company which is unstable, financially unviable,  struggling, and perhaps with a merger or takeover, or worse, closure on the horizon, make the leap before you have to.

It’s time.

8. Shift of values

When you joined the organisation your values were aligned with that of the company. Perhaps you’ve had a new boss, there has been a take-over or a merger and the ethics and culture of the company no longer align with your own, which means it’s time to reflect.

A good litmus test is to ask yourself can I find my ideal job in this company? If the answer is no then you know what to do.

8. Work Life balance

Unrealistic expectations and a need for greater work-life balance can be a key driver for change.

James Kurtz based in Minneapolis shared on Linkedin  “my team lead & my colleagues were fantastic, it was the job itself, it was eating every bit of my downtime, I got burned out.”

Explore your options

It’s important to think about your next steps thoughtfully and strategically. The job market is tight and you have a job that may not be ideal, but it pays your bills.  To quote Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resumés “The key is to be able to diplomatically yet vulnerably talk about those reasons for leaving to put the hiring manager at ease. Hiring managers just don’t want to hire their next problem.”

If you need support making these decisions check out these resources:

We have created these eLearning programmes with your time and budget in mind. This programme is designed to be affordable and accessible, and we offer competitive pricing to ensure that you get where you want to be without breaking the bank.

You can go at your own pace and as we slide into the summer months this is a perfect time to step back to move forward. The programme offers:

  1. The perfect blend of flexibility and guidance: Our programme offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to take stock and learn at your own pace through an engaging eLearning module.
  2. Expertly crafted eLearning content: Dive into a treasure trove of high-quality eLearning materials. The module is multi-media and designed to be interactive, engaging, and accessible from anywhere, making it easy for you to learn at your own convenience.
  3. Self-coaching Resources:  Explore a programme packed with references and resources including which AI tools to use PLUS downloadable self-coaching templates to help you structure your journey in whichever way suits you best. We also provide links to sources and data if you want to expand your knowledge and awareness.


Reboot your job search





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