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Recruiters need to do more to source women candidates
Why recruiters need to step up for women candidates Recruiters bemoan a lack of women candidates when really they are…
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Global Mobility
Understanding the Context of Global Mobility: Why it matters to assignees and their families
Louise Wiles from Thriving Abroad looks at why understanding the context of global mobility matters to assignees and their families
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21st century women
21st century women need to stop trying to “Have it All”
There has been a spate of "having it all" posts recently. I have to tell you,¬†they worry me. It's an…
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Sales Conversation
Set Yourself Up To Win When You Turn Your Interview Into An Influential Sales Conversation
Turn Your Interview Into An Influential Sales Conversation Make the most out of your interview by embracing it as the…
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Current path
20 Questions to Gauge Your Commitment to Your Current Path
Is your current path the right one or is it time for a change? Alli Polin asks 20 questions to…
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de-escalate and minimize
Women forced to de-escalate and minimize acts of dominance
Having to de-escalate and minimize acts of dominance is another part of women’s “emotional work” The stress of risk assessment…
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noticed by recruiters
How women can get noticed by recruiters (in a good way)
Sourcing female candidates has always been seen as a challenge, so what can women be doing to get noticed by…
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Workplace and the menopause – another taboo
¬†Women now spend over 30% of their careers post menopause, yet it remains another workplace taboo topic or pink elephant.…
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women on LinkedIn
New data on Women on LinkedIn
What the new data on Women on LinkedIn really means Data on women on LinkedIn has always been hard to…
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