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Image and impact
Ten reasons why image and impact matter for personal career success and your organisation’s performance
Image and impact are both essential aspects to focus on for personal career success, as well as to improve your…
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Employee self-confidence
Featured Post: How companies benefit from extreme employee self-confidence
Extreme employee self-confidence is a trait that is often brushed aside as arrogance, but it shouldn't be. It can be…
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8 Exec Strategies to Build a Rock-Solid Foundation Under Your Career Vision
As careers become more malleable and transitory, it is important to make sure that your work has a strong foundation…
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Heavy make-up
New research on heavy make-up embeds bias
You're kidding, right? Yet another conversation around women and appearance. Now it's heavy make-up.
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Disciplined people skills
Disciplined People Skills: 5 Temptations to Resist
It is important to resist the temptation to just say whatever is on your mind, but instead use disciplined people…
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Inclusive leaders
Can organisations have inclusion without diversity?
Inclusive leaders are able to take on different perspectives and make me people feel welcome in the workplace. But does…
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Use your planner
15 Ways to Use Your Planner Effectively
It is important to use your planner to its full potential. It should clearly tell you what you have going…
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Gravitas lost through wearing sleeveless dresses: Discuss.
A former Canadian Prime Minister has declared that women wearing sleeveless dresses on TV is demeaning and they lose gravitas.…
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Women in tech starts in school
Women in tech starts in school says Web Developer Diosa Taylor
In our profile of web developer Diosa Taylor, we see how the lack of women in tech starts in school…
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