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sexism and sexual harassment
We need to stop tolerating the intolerable
Sexual harassment needs to be stopped by men and women alike Sexism and sexual harassment are a global preoccupation at…
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male allies
Should women count on male allies?
Male allies for women are proving to be elusive If men can be visionary about smart phone apps, robotics and…
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Exposing Yourself
Exposure is key to progress your career, but it can be tricky to know where to start. These five tips…
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top blog
Featured Post: 7 top tips for writing a top blog
Writing a top blog is increasingly seen as an important part of the marketing strategy for businesses, so what parts…
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Asking for Help: Overcoming Common Barriers and Obstacles
Asking for help can be difficult, but it is important to understand the barriers and learn how to overcome them.
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email hacks
These Email Hacks Will Makes You Cry Tears Of Joy
Email Hacks That Will Makes You Cry Tears Of Joy! Alice Heiman shares her best email hacks to take charge…
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diversity initiatives backlashl
Unspoken reasons for diversity initiatives backlash
It’s obvious that diversity initiatives face a backlash But it’s also clear that we talk around the issues that diversity…
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Do You Ask This Essential Question Before Accepting a Job Offer?
If your next employer could take action to limit your ability to quit and get raises, would you want to…
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How to answer questions about staying in an organisation for so long
Why you need to prepare for interview questions around staying in an organisation for so long Women tend to stay…
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