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How to Make Your Resume More Believable
A recent study about lying on resumes found that over 90% of the participants lied at least a little on…
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how women look for jobs.
How women look for jobs differently from men
There seems to an increasing interest to understand how women look for jobs differently to men.
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Life you want
10 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back from the Life You Want to Lead
Do you live the life you want? Or are you waiting for the right moment? Here are ten ways to…
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Gender equality in Finland
How Gender Equality in Finland Triumphs
Gender equality in Finland triumphs - So with an extensive history of successes concerning gender issues, what is it exactly…
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Networking success
3 things that make all the difference to networking success
Networking success is essential, both for an organisation and personally. Here are three ways to help you build better relationships…
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How to attract female talent to your jobs
It can be difficult to attract female talent, but the benefits are huge. Here are some simple ways to making…
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Redefine ambjtion
Why business leaders need to redefine ambition
Current definitions are no longer fit for purpose and out of step with cultural shifts. They need to move with…
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influencing skills
How to sharpen your influencing skills
Today’s workplaces are more diverse and inclusive workplaces and require more nuanced leadership skills. Wherever you are, influencing skills will…
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Employment gap
The Employment Gap
The employment gap between men and women crosses different sectors, roles and expectations. It is a systemic problem we need…
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