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Grow your career confidence
Featured Post: 6 ways to grow your career confidence
Many women are not really sure how to plan and create strategies for their careers. So here are 6 simple…
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Advice from male CEOs
Is advice from male CEOs out of touch?
Is it time that women ignored advice from male CEOs? Shouldn't working smarter and more effectively be a better mantra…
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Three Steps to Developing Your Vision
Developing a vision is an easy and important way to gain focus on your goals. Here are three steps to…
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Conversation habit
The Most Irritating Conversation Habit and How to Change It
Often we talk without thinking of any conversation habit we might have. But these habits could be making a very…
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Third party accountability
Third-party accountability is taking down an enabling culture
Cultures of collusion, open secrets and enablement have facilitated decades of abuse in almost all sectors. But we are now…
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Male coded culture
How to change a male coded culture
A male coded culture is toxic and deters talent from jointing your company. Here are simple changes to make a…
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Disengaged employee
Featured Post: 6 signs you are a disengaged employee
It can be hard to be enthusiastic all the time, but have you gone further and become a disengaged employee?…
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Teachers' unconscious biases
How teachers’ unconsicous biases impact girls
Teachers' unconscious biases as early as primary school play a critical role in the academic choices and ultimately even the…
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Bystander intervention
How to stage a bystander intervention
To foster a culture of inclusion organisations need to encourage and train employees on how to stage a bystander intervention.…
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