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Common Roadblocks To Talking About Race And Ethnicity, Explained
Talking about race and ethnicity can be a sensitive topic for many people, but it is vital to learn how…
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Save Yourself from Burnout and Rebuild Resilience
Burnout is a result of poor working conditions and affects the company as well as yourself. It is vital that…
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10 tips for navigating ambiguity and uncertainty
Navigating ambiguity is particularly difficult as it is a case of dealing with the unexpected. However it is possible to…
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Big wedding
Featured Posts: 5 Things to pay for which aren’t a big wedding
In a break from tradition, many people are eschewing a big wedding, and its associated costs. Instead people are using…
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Building inclusive workplaces
Towards building inclusive workplaces
Improving your hiring process can create more diverse workforces, but it takes respect and trust to begin building inclusive workplaces.
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Mentor other women
How willing are you to mentor other women?
3Plus has been contacted and told that the Queen Bee Syndrome is alive and well and senior women are not…
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The importance of female role models for women in tech
We discuss the challenges of being a young manager, the importance of a supportive working environment, and the need for…
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Dos and don’ts to connect with people you don’t know
How to connect with people you don't know is a professional challenge for everyone. But it can be done. Patience,…
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Change careers
5 Reasons to change careers
Work shouldn't be something you dread. It should be something that excites you. If you think you may have lost…
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