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8 Exec Strategies to Build a Rock-Solid Foundation Under Your Career Vision
As careers become more malleable and transitory, it is important to make sure that your work has a strong foundation…
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Male coded culture
How to change a male coded culture
A male coded culture is toxic and deters talent from jointing your company. Here are simple changes to make a…
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Sexual misconduct
Sexual Misconduct and Employer Branding
The way an organisation is set up and reacts to allegations of sexual misconduct is going to be part of…
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Power poses
Power Poses for Personal Presence
How we stand affects our speech and conveys our self-image. We need to be aware of our stance and when…
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sexism and sexual harassment
We need to stop tolerating the intolerable
Sexual harassment needs to be stopped by men and women alike Sexism and sexual harassment are a global preoccupation at…
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Diversity and Inclusion road map
5 steps to building a Diversity and Inclusion Road Map
Many organisations struggle to design a Diversity and Inclusion Road Map. Follow these basic steps to set you in the…
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How much consideration do you give PIE for career success?
I’m not talking about the tasty kind of PIE but the kind of PIE that is really important to keep…
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attract female talent
How women fall into the likeability trap
Why do powerful women get caught in the likeability trap? Powerful men are likeable, powerful women are not. Why do…
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When is it appropriate to compliment a woman on her appearance?
Would you compliment a woman on her appearance? Has the political correctness pendulum swung too far when we are reluctant…
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