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Disciplined people skills
Disciplined People Skills: 5 Temptations to Resist
It is important to resist the temptation to just say whatever is on your mind, but instead use disciplined people…
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Common Roadblocks To Talking About Race And Ethnicity, Explained
Talking about race and ethnicity can be a sensitive topic for many people, but it is vital to learn how…
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Dos and don’ts to connect with people you don’t know
How to connect with people you don't know is a professional challenge for everyone. But it can be done. Patience,…
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Conversation habit
The Most Irritating Conversation Habit and How to Change It
Often we talk without thinking of any conversation habit we might have. But these habits could be making a very…
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Featured Post: Good employees – why do they leave?
As a manager, the loss of good employees can be a hard blow. Here's 4 reasons why they leave, and…
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Featured Post: Feedback for professional women. He says …she says
Why your professional women need feedback
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holiday traditions
Featured Post: 5 holiday traditions to dump today
We all get caught up in the idea of recreating a perfect Christmas, as seen in the movies, but many…
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Power poses
Power Poses for Personal Presence
How we stand affects our speech and conveys our self-image. We need to be aware of our stance and when…
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Featured Post: 5 tips to make the most of holiday cards for networking
Hand-written cards are a rarity these days, but holiday cards are the perfect way to stay relevant in your network,…
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