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Feminist quotes
Five feminist quotes from literature that are still absolutely relevant today
Feminism might seem like a new movement, given its recent surge, but some have been fighting for women for years.…
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Time to call harassment “sexploitation”
Hiring women into situations where they risk sexual harassment moves into the territory of sexploitation. It should be illegal.
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New Year, New You? Not Exactly.
Why try to change in the new year when instead you could build, progress and move forward with who you…
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Work happiness
Hate Mondays? How to increase your work happiness
Work is a big part of life so you shouldn't feel miserable there. Here are eight simple ways you can…
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Eye contact
Always look them in the eye? No! Not if you want the best results.
Strong eye contact can be hard for some people for a variety of reasons. It isn't necessarily a sign of…
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8 Steps To A More Confident and Resilient You
As a twenty-one year old graduate trainee my manager said to me ‘The one thing that is holding you back…
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Frozen career
Frozen Career: People Skills Choices That Stop You
People skills are often overlooked, but your impact on people matters. It could be the difference between a frozen career…
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year for women
2017 was the year for women. In 2018 now what?
2017 has been hailed as the year for women But now this year for women needs follow-up as well as…
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Men Mentoring Women: 8 Healthy Boundaries In The Age Of #MeToo
Mentors are essential in the workplace, and many men have a lot to offer junior workers. This doesn't need to…
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