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Thirsty pics on LinkedIn

Thirsty pics on LinkedIn

What are Thirsty Pics? Thirsty pics have nothing to do with needing a drink, and more to do with enticing your audience, whoever that might be.   Dorothy Dalton Founder of 3Plus was introduced to the idea of ‘thirsty pics” by Adam Posner and she had to Google it....

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The problem with banter

The problem with banter

The problem with banter it is now very much a part of the interaction between co-workers in the less formal workplace culture. In some cases, it is a genuine misunderstanding and the person may not be aware that they had crossed a line. In others, it’s a gateway behaviour to bullying and even harassment.

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“If you have a brain you have a bias” and nowhere is this more apparent than in our hiring processes.

The ‘How to Mitigate Bias in the Recruitment Process’ programme is designed to convey the serious nature of bias in the recruitment process with a focus on gender bias and the way it impacts both businesses and organisations, but in a way that is thought-provoking and engaging.



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