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Building inclusive workplaces
Towards building inclusive workplaces
Improving your hiring process can create more diverse workforces, but it takes respect and trust to begin building inclusive workplaces.
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Online professional presence
Featured Post: Women need a stronger online professional presence
It is a common mistake to overlook what your online professional presence says about you, but as the digital age…
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Time to call harassment “sexploitation”
Hiring women into situations where they risk sexual harassment moves into the territory of sexploitation. It should be illegal.
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10 Best Practices for a Successful Sponsorship Programme
Sponsorship programmes should be organised in a formal way, based on analytics and data, to remove any form of unconscious…
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reluctant networker
How event organisers can help the reluctant networker
Entering an event can be daunting for anyone, especially as a reluctant networker. Event organisers should help to ovcome this…
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automation risk
Women’s jobs face automation risk
Some jobs will be more susceptible to automation risk Sadly many of them are occupied by women which should impact…
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LinkedIn Profile
How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Conversation Starter
How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Conversation Starter. Jacqui Barrett Poindexter shares 5 resume like points your LinkedIn…
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How to research a target company in job search
The easy way to avoid getting a bad job;Follow these 4 easy steps to research a target company and avoid…
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How to answer questions about staying in an organisation for so long
Why you need to prepare for interview questions around staying in an organisation for so long Women tend to stay…
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