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The new “F” word. Flex-working
Flex-working is the "must-have" employee perk which many women seek to manage the complexities of life. But outside a corporate…
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occupational gender trap
HR an occupational gender trap for women
Has the function become an occupational gender trap for women? With a reliance on soft skills what does the future…
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defying gender expectations
Defying gender expectations in STEM – Interview with Ruby Lowe
Following what you enjoy rather than gender stereotypes is key to more empowered women taking on jobs in STEM.
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age bias
The Goldilocks Dilemma and Age Bias
Women encounter age bias at every point in their careers Too young and too old, is age bias women hear…
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Gender equality in Finland
How Gender Equality in Finland Triumphs
Gender equality in Finland triumphs - So with an extensive history of successes concerning gender issues, what is it exactly…
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How to attract female talent to your jobs
It can be difficult to attract female talent, but the benefits are huge. Here are some simple ways to making…
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Why women leave
Why women leave – it’s not complicated
Why women leave their companies is a burning question in many sectors. The reality is that the answers are very…
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External mentor
Six immediate benefits of an external mentor
An external mentor can offer great and immediate benefits, both for the individual and for the organisation.
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office housework requests
How office housework requests damage your career
Women are frequently asked to take on non-promotable tasks, but office housework requests can have a negative impact on your…
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