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Inclusive leaders
Can organisations have inclusion without diversity?
Inclusive leaders are able to take on different perspectives and make me people feel welcome in the workplace. But does…
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Gravitas lost through wearing sleeveless dresses: Discuss.
A former Canadian Prime Minister has declared that women wearing sleeveless dresses on TV is demeaning and they lose gravitas.…
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Women in tech starts in school
Women in tech starts in school says Web Developer Diosa Taylor
In our profile of web developer Diosa Taylor, we see how the lack of women in tech starts in school…
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#IWD2018: Same shit different century
It's International Women's Day 2018 It is the 'same shit different century' - or are we finally seeing change? Would…
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Building inclusive workplaces
Towards building inclusive workplaces
Improving your hiring process can create more diverse workforces, but it takes respect and trust to begin building inclusive workplaces.
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The importance of female role models for women in tech
We discuss the challenges of being a young manager, the importance of a supportive working environment, and the need for…
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Advice from male CEOs
Is advice from male CEOs out of touch?
Is it time that women ignored advice from male CEOs? Shouldn't working smarter and more effectively be a better mantra…
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Teachers' unconscious biases
How teachers’ unconsicous biases impact girls
Teachers' unconscious biases as early as primary school play a critical role in the academic choices and ultimately even the…
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Careers in STEM- What Holds Women Back
Somewhere along the way women are being deterred from pursuing careers in STEM.
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