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Exposing Yourself
Exposure is key to progress your career, but it can be tricky to know where to start. These five tips…
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LinkedIn Profile
How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Conversation Starter
How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Conversation Starter. Jacqui Barrett Poindexter shares 5 resume like points your LinkedIn…
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Featured Post: Should you put a pregnancy pause on your LinkedIn Profile?
Should you put a pregnancy pause on your LinkedIn Profile? Do you really need to explain your career gap to…
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Five ways to stop being apologetic at work
Being apologetic is holding you back. Women are brought up to be nice and polite, but this can lead to…
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Featured Post: Coping with Mental Health Problems at Work
Alice Bell looks at why women are suffering more with their mental health, and how you can deal with these…
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Fear and anxiety
Take on fear and anxiety
Just because you grapple with fear and anxiety, doesn’t mean the choices you are making are wrong. The idea of…
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Introverted extrovert
Featured Post: Introverted/Extroverted – the perfect balance?
A balanced personality could be the key to success An introverted extrovert sounds like a contradiction, but there are plenty…
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Career Transition
9 Stages of Career Transition
Dorothy Dalton has coached thousands of men and women through career transition. And although each case is always unique, she…
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friends as adult
Featured Post: Making friends as an adult – how technology can help
It can seem impossible to make friends as an adult but good friends can be the key to success. Here's…
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