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How to Make Your Resume More Believable
A recent study about lying on resumes found that over 90% of the participants lied at least a little on…
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Life you want
10 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back from the Life You Want to Lead
Do you live the life you want? Or are you waiting for the right moment? Here are ten ways to…
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age bias
The Goldilocks Dilemma and Age Bias
Women encounter age bias at every point in their careers Too young and too old, is age bias women hear…
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External mentor
Six immediate benefits of an external mentor
An external mentor can offer great and immediate benefits, both for the individual and for the organisation.
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Can Humility help you move from diversity to inclusion in your organisation?
Humility is not often talked about, but it is only through being humble that leaders can really excel.
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office housework requests
How office housework requests damage your career
Women are frequently asked to take on non-promotable tasks, but office housework requests can have a negative impact on your…
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soft skills can be learned
How soft skills can be learned
Many people don't think that soft skills can be learned. But they most definitely can. As a vital part of…
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attract female talent
8 quick fixes to attract female talent to your organisation
Companies bleat that they can't attract female talent. But that is because most recruiters and hiring managers think they can…
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goal setting to goal achievement
The best ways to get from goal setting to goal achievement
Achieving your goals is hard and hard work, but getting from goal setting to goal achievement is critical to success.…
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