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Heavy make-up
New research on heavy make-up embeds bias
You're kidding, right? Yet another conversation around women and appearance. Now it's heavy make-up.
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Gravitas lost through wearing sleeveless dresses: Discuss.
A former Canadian Prime Minister has declared that women wearing sleeveless dresses on TV is demeaning and they lose gravitas.…
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Male coded culture
How to change a male coded culture
A male coded culture is toxic and deters talent from jointing your company. Here are simple changes to make a…
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Ladylike chips
The dark side of ladylike chips
The notion of ladylike chips produced the usual social media dry wit. But there is a darker side about women…
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Bystander syndrome
Tackling Bystander Syndrome should be a top priority
The spate of sexual harassment exposes, accusations and charges of powerful male leaders in all spheres, has left many reeling.…
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Men can support women in the workplace
Featured Post: 5 Easy ways men can support women in the workplace
As we now know, organic gender balance will not be achieved until 2133 if things are left to run their…
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husband's name
Taking your husband’s name on marriage
It is common in the U.K. and the U.S. for a woman to take her husband's name on marriage, but…
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Do you fall into the self-exclusion trap?
It is often difficult to put yourself forward, but self-exclusion is a damaging habit that goes far deeper than we…
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Prevent ‘everyday sexism’ existing in the future.
It is time to put an end to everyday sexism People have become used to the term everyday sexism, but…
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