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goal setting to goal achievement
The best ways to get from goal setting to goal achievement
Achieving your goals is hard and hard work, but getting from goal setting to goal achievement is critical to success.…
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Menopause in the workplace
Menopause in the Workplace
Millions of women are affected by the menopause in the workplace, so why are its effects not taken into account?…
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Big wedding
Featured Posts: 5 Things to pay for which aren’t a big wedding
In a break from tradition, many people are eschewing a big wedding, and its associated costs. Instead people are using…
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The Importance of Reflecting on Your Journey
I found that looking backward not only sparks my gratitude, but looking at my zig-zaggy life journey also shines a…
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Job search tips for mature candidates
It can seem tough in the current climate to secure a job as a mature candidate, but here are eight…
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The Intergenerational Sweet Spot for Engagement
There is an intergenerational sweet spot we should aim for What generation hasn’t been baffled by the behaviors of the…
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Meaningful work
Is “Meaningful Work” a Luxury?
Is meaningful work a luxury which takes a back seat when you have a family to feed, or bills to…
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instant selfcare
Featured Post: 4 pick me up tips for instant self-care
In times of uncertainty when your world and mind is filled with “mights” and “what-ifs”  that sap your energy, it’s…
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Respect your elders…?
In a time when people are living longer and retirement is a distant dream, it is important not to shun…
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