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Use your planner
15 Ways to Use Your Planner Effectively
It is important to use your planner to its full potential. It should clearly tell you what you have going…
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If You Can’t Find a Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single
Although marriages might seem increasingly, progressive and supportive, this support rarely extends to both careers being valued equally.
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The weekend
Four Tips to Revolutionize Your Weekend!
The promise of the weekend is often the only thing that gets us through a hard week at work, so…
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Freelance career
5 reasons a freelance career is not for you
Many women are enticed or opt for a freelance career. But this way of working is not for everyone and…
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Featured Post: 5 Tips to pump up for a morning work out
Are you still on the New Year, New You mission to get fit? Losing motivation? Then try these 5 tips…
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How to Find Balance When Your Life Is Overfilled with Tasks and To-Dos
Are you Overfilled with Tasks and To-Do’s? Why do we strive to fill every minute of every hour with doing leaving little…
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Featured Post: 6 ways hard working dads can support gender balance at home
It can be easy to get caught up in our busy lives and feel like we are losing valuable time,…
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Can you work part-time and be a leader?
There's an increasing number of people wanting the flexibility of working part-time, but it can be tricky not to be…
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Mid-life crisis
How to avoid a mid-life crisis
A mid-life crisis might seem random and unavoidable, but there is a way to keep it at bay. It is…
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