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Executive Search and Inclusive Recruitment

In today’s business world, companies are recognizing the value of diverse and inclusive workplaces. Studies show that having a gender-balanced and diverse team can lead to significant returns on shareholder equity and improved KPIs for senior leaders. As a result, the demand for inclusive recruitment services is increasing, particularly for organizations seeking to build a strong female talent pipeline.

To compete for high-potential women, companies need to change the way they source, attract, and hire. At 3Plus, we specialize in executive search and inclusive recruitment, helping businesses find and hire the best female talent.

But the story doesn’t end with recruitment; it’s about retention too. Once these stellar women are on board, we join forces with organizations to ensure they’re not just employees but valued, empowered, and integral contributors. We work together to build inclusive workplace where allemployees can shine.

The future of work is NOW! 


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3Plus Online Learning Programs

At 3Plus, we’ve turned learning into a laser-powered experience, designed to supercharge your skills, whether you’re at the office or  working remotely..

  •  Zoom into Success: Our online training and coaching programs are tailor-made for busy executives. No need to step out; we bring the expertise to your doorstep. Plus, you get session recordings and top-notch resources to fuel your growth. Some prep work? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
  • Bespoke Brilliance: Don’t see what you need on the menu? We’ll craft a customized program just for you, because one-size-fits-all isn’t our style.
  • Need us there in person?:  We can make that happen – because your success knows no boundaries!

Let’s work together to build your inclusive workplace.

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Managing Unconscious Bias in Performance Reviews

We all carry unconscious biases, and they have a knack for sneaking into every corner of our lives, including the workplace. But here’s the deal: We can’t just wish them away. What we can do, though, is empower every player in the performance review game to shine a spotlight on those sneaky biases.

Get ready for an eye-opening, interactive workshop that’s as dynamic as you are, whether it’s in-person or online. Here’s what  you can expect:

  • Why 90% of HR professionals don’t believe that annual performance reviews generate accurate information.
  • Only 15% of women believe that their performance appraisals are fair.
  • The impact of unfair or inaccurate appraisals
  • The range of biases that creep into the process including the “idiosyncratic rater effect.” Plus, other main biases including primacy, proximity and regency biases.
  • Overlay this with gender bias in the language used, plus gendered expectations and stereotypes applied in assessment for promotion.
  • How bias in performance reviews impacts the salary and career potential of under represented talent.

What we cover:

Unlock the Secrets: strategies and nudges to  manage biases

In this journey into bias management to build your inclusive workplace, we’ll unveil:

  •  The ‘Open Box Hack’: Revealing how to break free from biased shortcuts and stereotypes, making your assessments laser-focused on real performance and desired behaviors.
  • The Rating Scale Pitfalls: We’ll navigate the treacherous waters of rating scales, steering clear of common traps.
  •  Mastering Language: Learn the secret linguistic tweaks to avoid bias traps and elevate your feedback game. Let’s make your words work for you!”


Who should attend:

EVERYONE  involved in the performance appraisal process

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Career and Leadership Assessments and Coaching

3Plus brings years of experience and research in the field to the table, working with organizations to identify the sand traps in their corporate cultures that are barriers to gender balance and diversity and inclusion. Our corporate services solutions include career coaching and career development programs (face to face and online) for all levels to create top-down, bottom-up cultural change.


Companies can select leadership and executive coaching, as well as competence training from our team of top international coaches to support the development of women professionals in their organizations.



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How to Mitigate Bias in the Recruitment Process

“If you have a brain you have a bias”

Wherever you find human interaction you find bias and nowhere is this more obvious than in the hiring process.  Because we are unable to manage our biases as we should, this means our decisions can be based on perception and unconscious preferences rather than fact. This leads to mini-me and cloning recruitment systems, or people excluded for random reasons like not sending a thank-you note.

When we manage our biases we are able to create inclusive recruitment processes to support business success more effectively.

The biggest barrier to diversity and inclusion is unconscious bias.

This programme takes participants through the stages of the recruitment process and highlights the biases that occur at each stage:

  1. Needs assessment / Intake session with the hiring manager
  2. Profile creation
  3. Sourcing
  4. Screening
  5. Candidate assessment and testing
  6. Interviewing
  7. Selection
  8. Salary and contract negotiation

If you need support building an inclusive workplace in your organization  – start with your hiring process. When we learn ot manage our biases,, we unleash the power of inclusive recruitment – a key to supercharging business success.


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Mentoring Programs

Be the catalyst for change in your business and build a pipeline of future leaders.

Forget the misleading trop women are over mentored and under spsonsored. Most women are neither mentored  or sponsored.

Let’s face it, the senior echelons often lack the female voices we need as role models and mentors. It’s time to bridge that gap and empower women to soar through the ranks. Reach out today if you’re ready to champion women in your organization and cultivate an inclusive workplace.

  • Our mentoring programs are versatile – whether it’s a face-to-face connection or a digital rendezvous, we’ve got you covered.
  •  And here’s the kicker: We’ve upgraded all our programs for the post #MeToo era. We’re training men in the art of best practices, so they can be strong allies in helping women unleash their full potential and achieve professional success.


Together, we’ll reshape the future of leadership in your business. 


We cover the following areas:

  • Onboarding into new roles
  • Promotion preparation
  • Improving gender balance
  • Leadership development
  • Career management and progression
  • Competency building
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Training male mentors

Seize this opportunity to build an inclusive workplace in your organization!

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