Executive Presence and Professional Image


In this series of focused power coaching sessions as part of the 3Plus Lockdown Learning Programs you can choose from the topics that touch on executive presence and personal branding. These sessions can be customized to meet your needs and delivered to individuals as part of a coaching program or to groups. The duration will depend on the number of participants.

1. Executive Presence Magic or Learned Skill?

The 3 Pillars of Executive Presence have been identified as Charisma, Communication and Appearance. Is this magical or can they be learned?

Find out the 6 daily habits that help you build an impactful Personal Brand which has been adjusted for online leadership presence during the lockdown, but you can take with you into the “new normal” workplace.

2. Dress for success – the power of professional image

Learn the important ingredients of professional image and why it’s so important for career success and confidence.

3. If your clothes could talk what would they say about you?

Learn how to build up an authoritative professional image that suits your personality. Power dress for important meetings, interviews, negotiations and pitches.  What do you need to adjust as we move from Room to Zoom in a global pandemic and what will it mean going forward.

4. Online Leadership Presence

As all our activities move from room to Zoom how can women make their presence felt? Learn how to manage the tech and hardware as well as small tweaks you can make to present yourself in the best possible way and deal with some of the frustrations that women experience live, on line. In lock down this is now invaluable.

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Dates for the Diary

14th May -  Private event - Peakon Podcast recording Workday Wellness in the Workplace  - How it impacts women


3lst May -  Corporate Workshop. European Commission Women’s Leadership Programme  -  How to build a strategic network


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