How to manage remote teams more inclusively


How to manage remote teams more inclusively

The current challenge most managers face is not just how to manage remote teams but how to do that more inclusively. At a time when mental health issues are spiking and employee engagement is dropping managers are looking for ways they can support their teams so everyone can feel secure and be productive.

In our current working environment which is very uncertain, many organisations are running hybrid operations. Inclusive leadership is more important than ever. Today, circumstances although not as extreme as at the height of the pandemic, are still far from “normal” whatever that might be.  Everyone is coping not just with anxiety around health for themselves and their families, but in some cases still dealing with home schooling, while “co-spacing” (everyone working around the kitchen table.)

This interactive webinar is the place where macro meets micro, in terms of workplace culture and employee engagement. We look at practical ways managers and leaders can translate broader leadership and HR concepts into daily actionable habits and behaviours. Managers now have two workplaces to manage those in the office and those working from another location.

The skills acquired will help manage their teams more inclusively with strategies they can apply in the next normal however that will turn out. All lessons are applicable to in person working in the office.

Find out also how to tap into some tech solutions to make life easier and your team more productive.

Key takeaways

  • The challenges facing managers running hybrid teams in theory and relating those to personal circumstances
  • Strategies to manage them.
  • Communication strategies to maintain employee engagement
  • How to handle conflict
  • Self-care

Time:  2 hours  subject to the needs of the client

Platform: Zoom

Numbers: By agreement

Fee: Depending on size of group




Target Audience

Anyone leading, managing or supervising remote or hybrid teams.

This is an online training session until health circumstances change.



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