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Specialist services in executive search and diversity recruitment to hire the best female talent


The demand and competition for high potential women is growing fast, as companies understand the business benefits of having top women in their teams. The gender dividend shows increased returns on shareholder equity, talent management, business and financial operations. Gender balanced and diverse teams are becoming K.P.I.s in some companies already. Women no longer want to work for organisations that are stuck in the last century. You will probably have to change your executive search and diversity recruitment practises to source, attract and hire high potential women


Strengthen your female talent pipeline by gaining access to amazing women who are looking to connect with forward thinking employers who value diversity and inclusion. For unaware and inexperienced recruiters identifying high potential women is a challenge. They simply don’t know where to look and then how to attract them into a recruitment process. This is where 3Plus can support your executive search and diversity recruitment initiatives. We know how to target and reach hard to find women and diversity candidates. We can connect you with top women.

We have deep experience in global executive search, sourcing and candidate development from our wide international network, 3Plus identifies, attracts and places the best professional women to fill key openings in all functions in your company.The demand for gender balanced shortlists is growing.

With a team of internationally located, multi-lingual partners, and 20+ years’ experience, 3Plus offers strictly confidential cross-border executive search and research services to organizations seeking to identify and hire top women across all business sectors and functions, whether corporate clients or international executive search and recruitment organizations. All our collaborators have received unconscious bias training.


Our mission is to help you build diverse teams; We know where to find potential female candidates. We know how to approach them and what motivates women and makes them willing to engage in an external search, whether entry-level to senior management. We know how to read between the lines. We understand how to develop strong relationships with candidates so that they will participate in your process. We advise you how to adjust your process to make it diversity friendly including job descriptions, adverts, interview processes. We amplify your employer brand. We flag up bias when we see it. You should expect that.

3Plus will be your strategic advisor to support you at every step of the process with coaching and mentoring services until your women candidates are effectively onboarded into your organization allowing you to achieve business success.

Talent Bank

3Plus International offers corporations and other organizations access to a pipeline of top quality, groomed, female candidates at all levels. The 3Plus Talent Bank is an effective, timely and economic solution to fill your open assignments. We only present the best candidates, those in whom we believe

Skilled team

Our corporate services program offers flexible, tailor-made services, designed to meet your operational and budgetary requirements. This means that your needs can be met within an optimal time frame and with total transparency and confidentiality. The team effectively combines the best of traditional methodologies with cutting edge techniques to source, develop and attract top-level, hard to find passive candidates for international organizations. With a strong online presence 3Plus is ideally positioned to leverage digital platforms to reach even the hardest to find candidate.

Partial Support

For clients looking for only partial support, candidate name generation and verification of position/ title with contact details in given target companies is also an option. This flexible approach offers you the option to choose which parts of the process you want to drive yourself: opting for research only, this allows you to carry out the rest of the process internally depending on your resources and budget. With full executive search services also within the remit, you can choose the option best suited to your organizational structure and needs.

Geographical scope

GLOBAL: EMEA, APAC, U.S.A, South America Week

Streamline your recruitment procedures

Make sure your processes foster and protect gender balanced and inclusive hiring decisions

  1. Ensure that everyone in your process has received unconscious bias training
  2. Create inclusive adverts, profiles and documentation. We know male coded adverts put off female applicants but don’t deter men
  3. Build gender neutral application processes
  4. Run gender neutral and structured interviews in a bias aware environment
  5. Fish where there are fish. Make sure you are looking for female candidates in the right places, not where there aren’t any
  6. Create gender balanced short lists. Remember you need 3 candidates on each
  7. Understand what attracts women to organisations and why they leave. Improve your retention rates


Generalist search experience in a variety of sectors:

  • banking
  • consumer goods
  • luxury and retail
  • hi-tech and IT
  • life sciences
  • financial services
  • manufacturing and industry

“Professional and thorough

The executive search service provided by 3Plus International with a team led by Dorothy Dalton produced a range of top level and diverse candidates. We could not have been happier.

Board Member International Distribution Company (U.S.)

“The 3Plus workshop really became a game changer for me

it inspired me to push myself to articulate more intuitively my achievements and to also clearly formulate my ambitions. They made me aware that I was unconsciously minimizing myself and that I built up my own “intrinsic ambition barriers”

Elisabeth Unterberg Head of Marketing Commercial Sales TOTAL Germany

“The 3Plus Mini-Mentoring event gave me access to high level female mentors

Even for such a short time it was helpful. Speaking to these women leaders gave me confidence when I could see that all challenges are surmountable with the right support”

Megan Jones - Strategic Communications Manager Axa France

“A Mini-Mentoring event

……but with Maxi - impact”

Participant, Paris event

“Brussels event

A successful and creative format”

Jayne Hillner Marriott Hotels, Sponsor Brussels

“The candidates sourced by the 3Plus team

are always top quality even in the most demanding and challenging searches”

Head of Talent: B2B Packaging sector

“I really enjoyed attending your session

And the way you presented it… it went really fast… I would have spent the whole day listening to you…”

Patricia Bovis UAE

Access to our international network of endorsed coaches and certified mentors who guide you to success at each stage of your career and onto the next.

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