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Some tips and tricks to build charisma


Have you ever been told you don’t have “executive presence” or a promotion went to someone with charisma without being told what that is exactly? All you know is the job went to a man.  Job profiles are increasingly calling for charismatic leaders who have skills in navigating ambiguity and uncertainty. The old leadership models of power, control and authority are disappearing as organisations become flatter with a demand for inclusive leadership styles. The workplace is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are seeing the impact of technology with the rise of AI and automation, the structure of the workforce with the increase in gig and flex workers, as well as remote working. Companies are looking for leaders who can inspire, motivate, empower, influence and attract others to build teams for business success.  It is easier to build charisma than you think.


Daily habits


Charisma is not necessarily an innate gift but a series of consistent habits which we can all learn or hone. This online power coaching explores how developing charisma and a charismatic leadership style is within the reach of every single one of us. It requires a series of daily habits repeated consistently. Learn how to respond to comments about your style rather than substance.

This is an engaging and challenging power coaching session where participants are encouraged to dig deep and identify ways they can individually build and share their values and unique message, develop people skills and stretch themselves EVERY day.

In this online power coaching session learn about the SIX key hacks that can help you become an inspirational leader and how to respond when you encounter bias. It is not as hard as you might think.

What is charisma?

What are the gender traps and how to deal with them

6 elements to build charisma

How to make them work

How you can self-sabotage

Start a new decade as you mean to go on.

Thursday January 16th Live and Online at 12:00 GMT 13:00 CET (07:00 EDT)




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