If you are a target for inappropriate, discriminatory or even thoughtless behaviour (frequently referenced as banter) it isvery hard to find your voice, speak up and self-advocate. Someone’s idea of light-hearted chat can be abject cruelty and bullying to another. Many women sit in silence and “suck it up” until they can’t take it any more and usually leave. In some instances this behaviour is so embedded in our corporate cultures many don’t see it for what it is and understand it’s not O.K. There are also generational differences with older generations having a higher tolerance or inappropriate behaviour because this is what they are used to and have been conditioned to tolerate.

It can be a one-off incident or it can be a corrosive pattern of behaviour. It might be hard to know if you are over-reacting or being too sensitive particularly in an era which decries excessive political correctness. Very often women (and also men) absorb this toxic behaviour until it impacts their well-being and job performance. It can result in mental health issues and absenteeism from work.

Situations can range from outright harassment to benign sexism. All of these add up to a mountain of micro-aggressions which can become intolerable.

Learn to successfully speak up and self-advocate

In this power coaching session you will develop an awareness around which behaviours are not acceptable.

  • the spectrum of misogyny  –  from benign to worst case scenarios
  • the strategies women use to make themselves feel safe
  • benevolent sexism or other biased behaviours women encounter every day in the workplace
  • where to draw the line and call it out
  • 3 key strategies to start constructive communication


Thursday 27th February Live and Online at 12:00 GMT 13:00 CET (07:00 EDT)




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