Nicola Jesse

Dealing with uncertainty in today’s difficult times.

with Dorothy Dalton and Khady Gaye

Tuesday August 25th 1100 CET /1000 BST

The convergence of four crises economic, health, political and social justice presents an opportunity for significant change in our workplaces and wider cultures. Navigating uncertainty in the post COVID workplace is in everyone’s mind. 

Many of us are in limbo not knowing if we will get a well-deserved change of scene or if lockdown restrictions will tighten again in our own geographies. Very often it’s the unknown and uncertainty which causes more stress than confronting the problem itself.

So many questions.

  • What will our workplaces be like?
  • How will we feel physically and psychologically secure?
  • How will we maintain our relationships with our colleagues?
  • Will our bosses forget about those that continue to work from home?

Join Dorothy Dalton with Khady Gaye on Tuesday August 25th at 1100 for an online coaching and discussion session. We will also record this session.

Khady is Manager HR International/Benelux-France for United Airlines and no stranger to an uncertain world full of challenge in a sector badly impacted by COVID19. She will share some brilliant insights.


Khady Gaye

What do you think should be different?

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