How to deal with sexism and harassment in the workplace
Chester&Fields , Rue Père de Deken 14 Brussels , Belgium

Workshop  – learn how to deal with sexism and harassment in the workplace

Sexism and harassment in the workplace is a growing concern especially with a move towards holding organisations and third parties accountable. It’s important that we all make workplaces secure and safe and develop an awareness around the topic. 

Men and women welcomed at this workshop 

sexism and harassment in the workplace

80% of women experience sexism in the workplace. 23% experience direct sexual harassment. One of the reasons this prevails because it has been normalized into our culture. Gender bias and behaviour around gender based expectations are so embedded into our daily professional lives that we are sometimes unaware that it is even going on and we remain oblivious. If we are aware research shows that women are reluctant to come forward. They are even more reluctant to intervene to support other women.

This is why support from male colleagues or allies is critical.

Who should attend

The impact of social media means that all employers must  demonstrate that their workplaces are safe and secure to protect their employer brand. But despite having formal policies in place sexism and sexual harassment goes on. If you witness it personally maybe  you don’t know how to go about dealing with it. Maybe you are the target.

Attend this power coaching workshop to find out some very practical and concrete tips on how to deal with sexism and harassment in your workplace. All the strategies learnt here can be applied to every type of harassment from moral to racism.

  • As a leader – what changes can you make for your team and what demands can you make of your own bosses to create an atmosphere which is not toxic. With the international scandals it’s important to convey the message that your workplace is a safe place to be. Not just avoiding third party liability.
  • As a bystander –  learn the critical steps to staging a bystander intervention when you see another person being targeted.
  • As an individual  – learn what you can do to create a constructive conversation, identify the problem discuss the impact and find a solution.   

Participate in role-playing exercises to gain practise dealing with difficult conversations.

Workshop details

3Plus is returning to the wonderful boutique co-working venue at Chester and Fields


Chester&Fields -Study

When: Tuesday May 29th


0900 –  Registration and Welcome coffee

9.30 – 11 30 Workshop

11.30 -12.00  Networking coffee

Coach:  Dorothy Dalton 

Dorothy is CEO of 3Plus International, a company offering services to global organizations to  strengthen their female talent pipelines with executive search and diversity recruitment services.  3Plus sources and attracts top level professional women to any organization , supporting companies in identifying pain points in their recruitment processes and talent pipelines. This allows them to make more effective hiring decisions and to reduce attrition and stagnation via high level coaching and mentoring programs. Supported by a team of leading international coaches and mentors, women are empowered to reach their potential.

Dorothy has worked  for many years with individuals who have been the targets of bullying, mobbing as well as sexism and harassment in the workplace and has written extensively on the topic.


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*Note the price for this event has been made accessible following sponsorship from a private individual who wanted to make this type of coaching programme available to all.

PRICE: 60.00 €

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