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Career Coaching for Women

Many women find they are walking a corporate tightrope. They are constantly having to juggle and balance a number of conflicting demands and priorities. Overcoming the many often invisible barriers can be a real challenge. They are caught in the double bind of being damned if they do and doomed if they don’t. Check out our services for career coaching for women to navigate the frequently invisible barriers so that women face on a daily basis. Make sure you boost your career progression to reach your true potential.

Your career should be firmly in your hands. Don’t wait for anyone to take care of you. Invest in yourself. Increasingly employers are willing to sponsor career coaching for women, so don’t forget to ask your manager or HR function for financial support.

Make Your Dreams a reality

It’s important to develop key competencies and understand the unwritten and unspoken rules of male driven organisations. The 3Plus Career coaching for women programs, are indispensable to ambitious women. Ask for a discovery session with one of our top-level international coaches, to develop your skills and leadership competences whatever they may be. Your coach will offer invaluable tools to create a career strategy in line with your goals. You will get full personalized support to anchor your career values and vision to build a step by step plan.

Working in strictest confidence your coach will support you through any transition or challenge big or small. our career coaching for women programs are designed to be immediately effective.

Research carried out by 3Plus suggests that failing to make a career strategy, with a plan to implement is one of the greatest traps that professional women fall into. To quote Lewis Carroll is you don’t know where you are headed any way will get you there. No matter how junior you are or whatever challenge you face in your career the 3Plus career coaching for women programs will give you and your career the boost that you need as well as a firm anchor.

If you are unsure about your professionals development needs ask for a full career evaluation for concrete advice on your next steps.

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Many women struggle to find a senior, neutral woman who will share their experience and wisdom with them. Sometimes the issues you want to share are confidential and you fear there could be professional repercussions if you disclose too much.

At 3Plus we’ve gathered a team of high profile international women mentors with wide experience across all functions, who want to help you and other up-and-coming women achieve their greatest potential. They are external to your organization and have only your best interests at heart.

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Leadership Coaching for Women

In a modern workplace leaders need to be skilled in managing ambiguity and equipped to deal with uncertainty and disruption. The 3Plus leadership coaching for women programs will be invaluable to help you advance your career and allow you to reach your true potential. Most workplaces are male coded or dominated and women have a very different experience than their male counterparts.

Our leadership coaching for women services will support you at every stage of your career to build key competences and skills and skills critical for success, not just for you but your business as well. You will be able to build charisma and gravitas to extend your influence. You will hone your communication and negotiation skills. You will be able to have those difficult conversations and deal seamless ly with conflict. You can enhance your presentation skills and build strategic alliances. You will understand the value of the mentoring process and will know how to find a sponsor.

The 3Plus team is composed of high level international coaches who have deep experience and expertise. Located globally, your personal coach will help you create your “A” game to get the recognition and opportunities you deserve and overcome the frequently invisible barriers that women face.

Whether your sights are set at the very top of the pyramid, you are looking for professional fulfillment or want support building or leading your team, contact us now.


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Build success habits to find your purpose

This VIP coaching series is ideal for anyone who feels dazed bothered and bewildered after the events of the past two years. Or maybe you’ve felt like that for even longer. Perhaps it’s still  going on for you.

I’ve created a programme  “Build success habits to find your purpose”

I’m not a fan of language like your dream job!

This customised programme involves taking your inner work to the next level and turning your ideas into action, with a goal focused plan to make it happen.

This coaching is based on Cognitive Behaviour Coaching, interwoven with elements drawn from Ikigai.


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Don't wait for someone to look after you - it may not happen. Invest in yourself now!