How to Create an Effective USP

What is a USP?

Our Unique Selling  Point or UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is our key core message about where and how we add value. Many people and particularly women think this only applies to celebrities, senior leaders or managers.They associate it with bragging. But neither is true. Every single one of us has unique experiences, skills and qualities that differentiate us from the next person.

And although talking about it isn’t bragging finding out how to create an effective USP can be challenging.

In this Podcast Dorothy Dalton will show you how to go about creating an effective USP and where and how you can use it, whether as a job seeker or seasoned career professional.  Find out how it relates to your personal brand and why it’s important to have multiple messages in your DNA which you can use while you are networking, on your LinkedIn profile and in your resume.

Check out some tips and tricks how to create a USP which is effective and authentic.


How to Create an Effective USP

What is a USP?

How does it fit in with a personal brand?

When will we use it?

How can we make one?

In this Podcast with Dorothy Dalton we will look at your Personal Brand, what makes you special, and how to develop and use your USP.


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