Power Podcast – Sharing the load

A common thread of lock down discussions has been women absorbing a higher proportion of childcare and home-schooling responsibilities than their partners. This has led to increased levels of burnout, stress, anxiety and the ubiquitous COVID19 brain, which has been covered in acres of media coverage.

Gender balance is not just a workplace issue it’s a relationship and domestic issue and both men and women are trapped by limiting gender stereotypes and expectations.

As you know I strongly believe in taking control of the things we can. I have invited Ian Dinwiddy CEO and Founder of Inspiring Dads to join me in an online coaching session and discussion around how to go about sharing the load. Inspiring Dads is a coaching and mentoring business specialising in working with men who want to be great dads and have great careers.


Take time to listen to our Podcast with Ian Dinwiddy and Dorothy Dalton who share their expertise on ways to create gender balanced home