Power Podcast – Things to do to protect yourself when you get fired

As we emerge from lock down organisations are looking at their numbers and making headcount adjustments. We are receiving a high number of calls from men and women who have been blindsided because, what seemed like out of the blue they have been fired.  They did not think it would happen to them. It is profoundly stressful and even traumatic.

We have put together this short emergency podcast of all the things you will need to do under pressure. Some of the actions are just admin housekeeping and getting your paper work in order. Sometimes you have less than an hour to do multiple things. Frequently you may not get time to say good bye to your colleagues.

Indeed it may not happen to you, so hope for the best but make sure you plan for the worst.


Take time to listen to our Podcast with Dorothy Dalton who shares her expertise on ways to protect yourself when you get fired