12 key steps to attract, recruit and retain female talent


It can be difficult to attract female talent, but the benefits are huge. Here are some simple ways to making your hiring process appeal more to women. Download this eBook now to improve gender balance in your organisation.


The research to support gender balance in organisations is incontrovertible. Many businesses claim that they want to attract, recruit and retain female talent, yet they to come even close to optimal numbers. To get beyond a box checking exercise requires serious leadership commitment, systemic  and behavioural change. That is never easy.

But with all indicators suggesting that gender balanced and diverse businesses benefit in innovation, collaboration , customer satisfaction and employee engagement, it’s imperative

There are three types of challenges:

  • Sectors where few applications from women are received:  This is about revamping outdated candidate sourcing practices and is best employed in sectors or for openings where female candidates are hard to identify. In these cases an organisation needs to pro-actively look for or encourage applications from women. It will be important to make every element of the hiring process female friendly to draw them in. Please check out our eBook on how men and women look for jobs differently to gain an understanding of how they approach the job market. The days of one size fits all recruitment processes are gone.
  • Sectors which receive equal interest from men and women:  But women are cut listed because female candidates are eliminated from the pipeline by the biases of those involved. This requires a mix of unconscious bias training and systemic changes and the correct application of technology.
  • Reducing churn: some sectors have gender balance at entry level but fail to retain female talent. Organisations need to take a hard look at this.

For a wider overview to help your organisation attract, recruit and retain female talent download the 3Plus Book now