Career Audit with skill testing and full report

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Research from 3Plus in 2014 indicated that only 5% of women set career goals and an even smaller number communicate those goals to their boss, or even their partners. This rose to 50% in 2020 but post COVID the number has dropped back to only 20%

It’s your choice to be among the  70% who don’t or the 20% who do.

Your call! Time to carry out a career audit!



Carried out online or in person, this career audit is a 2 hour personal coaching session which involves an analysis of your career and assessment of your career to date, with an in-depth review of all your achievements and successes. You will receive a comprehensive written report, as well as reports from the psychometric testing.

The Career Audit identifies your key strengths as well as your career development needs and opportunities for growth. You will receive expert feedback from an experienced career coach to help you set goals for both the upcoming year and the medium term. Also included is psychometric testing for personality and skills plus full debriefing, from a top international company.

No matter what stage in your professional life, this career audit will be an invaluable exercise in creating a personal and effective career strategy.

The 3Plus career review has been specifically designed to check:

  • if your personal and professional goals are aligned (if you have any!)
  • your strengths and development needs
  • if your resume and online professional presence are up to date and keeping pace with – the demands of today’s fast changing workplace.
  • the strength of your personal brand
  • your transferable skills
  • the effectiveness of your online and actual network and alliances
  • The career audit process highlights strengths weaknesses and identifies potential training needs.
  • This career audit includes psychometric competence testing and debriefing from a well known international provider

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