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Designed to get you and your career out of the doldrums and into orbit so you can go from strength to strength to reach your potential
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Career Booster Coaching

Career Booster Coaching checklist

Look at our  Career Booster Coaching check list –  any of these sound familiar?

  • You are already actively looking for a career change, but are not producing the results you would like, or even any results at all.
  • You feel you have lots to offer but can’t seem to get heard.  You don’t get calls from recruiters and your LinkedIn profile gets few hits.
  • Your personal circumstances have changed and you need something new.
  • You may not know exactly what you would like to do and want support targeting a new sector or geographic region. You feel you have too many choices
  • You are anticipating a problem: there is a merger, take over, down-sizing, re-structuring in your future where your job could be at risk.
  • You have a toxic boss.
  • You want to relocate to a very different country or culture
  • The opportunities offered are not what interest you.
  • You haven’t applied for a job for several years. Maybe you have even been off the market in a parenting role. Perhaps you want to change sectors but don’t know how.
  • Your networking efforts are ineffective or you need to create a strategic network in your current organisation or externally.
  • Your message is lost or missing altogether
  • You are starting to feel confused, isolated and even depressed.

These are messages that something needs to be done differently.

Kick start your career

This programme is the perfect career booster programme designed especially for you. It’s aimed at pulling you and your career out of the doldrums and setting you on the path to where you want to be.

We will help you identify:

  • Who you are, your key core values and what you feel passionate about. What makes you tick and what is missing at the moment?
  • What is holding you back and help you nail any limiting beliefs that are limiting your progress
  • Your transferable skills and what you need to work on to regain your sparkle and find the magic in what you do and the type of environment that suits you best

We will support you:

  • You to set goals and make a plan to achieve them by:
    • preparing a new CV
    • updating your professional brand
    • strengthening your LinkedIn profile
    • preparing for important meetings or interviews
    • asking for and taking on challenging and stretch assignments
    • moving into a leadership role
    • networking skills to win new business or explore new job opportunities.
    • negotiating a new salary or new benefits

We want you to be the best you can be and to achieve your potential.

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