Career Coaching and Skill Development

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In today’s uncertain world, few careers proceed exactly as planned.


Career coaching and skill development are vital for progression

Sometimes we know we need help to create a plan and this is when a career coaching and skill development session could be really helpful.

3Plus coaching programs offer you the opportunity to work  with a top career coach who has been selected for her specific area of expertise, to create a career plan or to address specific challenges. This is a one-off 90 minute session to address a specific need and create a plan going forward. It is up to you if you decide to go it alone or work further with your coach.

So whether you are proactively seeking change, want to develop and plan your career within your current organization or are responding to a specific circumstances – don’t wait to invest in yourself and your career.

  • creating a powerful online presence
  • leveraging social media for career advancement
  • personal branding
  • CV creation or perfection
  • effective networking
  • customized programs designed to meet your specific needs

Career coaching and skill development can’t be separated. When you build a strong foundation with a professional coach who is there just for you will be truly anchored. This will be a perfect launching pad for the next stage of your career.  With a structured plan it will be easier to achieve your short-term career goals and reach your potential.

When you have a plan in place you can feel confidence that you a prepared to face any challenge and eventuality.  You will become more agile and flexible and be able to navigate some of the uncertainties we face in our professional lives.


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