Executive Presence Self-Assessment


Get up to speed on your executive presence rating by taking this executive presence self-assessment and have the results delivered to your in-box. Download FREE now!


Executive Presence is considered to be a significant factor in the elements that contribute to getting a promotion. Research says that 80% of women are mystified by the concept. And who can blame them?  Today we see many of today’s so-called leaders sending out conflicting and contradictory messages it’s hard to know what it means exactly.

But find out by taking this Executive Presence Self Assessment and get a good idea of where you believe you have executive presence and work out where you need to focus your energies for personal development. Contrary to what many people think,  executive presence is a combination of learned skills rather than an innate quality.

Take the online Executive Presence Self-Assessment and have the results delivered to your inbox. With the score you will find a brief overview of what your next steps might be. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.