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Congratulations! You’ve been called for an interview. But you’re  nervous. Sign-up for a situational interview coaching session so that you can present your best self and land the dream job. Get tips and feedback in a recorded on line mock interview where you can see yourself visibly improve.



You have been working your way through the hiring process and have an interview lined up. Congratulations! But you’re a bit nervous. You think interview coaching might help. You would be right.

It might be early on in the process and you need some preparation help and basic interview coaching, mapping out your strategy. Or maybe you would like some short sharp feedback on your interview style and performance. Alternatively you are almost at the and and have a critical final interview with some senior players. You now want to iron out any little glitches and stand out from the crowd.

This could be the move of your career.

Interview coaching format

If this resonates this new interview coaching session is for you.  The session of 90 minutes and will cover all the basics and give you feedback and tips on:

  • general preparation
  • body language
  • appearance
  • voice and delivery
  • language selection
  • question preparation
  • practice of mock questions appropriate for the role
  • controlling nerves
  • follow up

The mock interview will take place on line, via the platform Zoom and will be recorded so you can play it back to your hearts content and see yourself visibly improve.

All you will have to do is send the job advert and profile as well as the CV used for the applications. Then book an appointment.

The session is 90 minutes long and will be followed up by a recording and a detailed report. It can be repeated if  you need to focus in greater depth on any small details or elements. It also covers interview coaching via other media:

  • Zoom or other online platforms
  • Automated or one way interviews
  • Telephone interviews and screening

Please contact us for details and to make an appointment. Young professional and student rates are available. This session is ideal for anyone who has a strong basic message, but needs some minor tweaks to your  interview performance to be the best you can be.


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