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Self-awareness is your foundation for continuous development and increased effectiveness as a leader. Why? You can’t maximize or change what you don’t see.

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A highly experienced coach, with a track record for results, works with you one on one; to make sure your assessment results are meaningful and actionable. You and your coach coach identify development goals and create a plan to address them. With your coach as a confidante, advisor, teacher and guide, you identify what changes to make and the actions you’ll take. Your coach helps you address obstacles that stand in the way of change. After the fact, you and your coach review your actions, the results you achieved, and address next steps as needed.


Leadership Strengths

  • Every leader has her bright side. What’s yours?
  • How do you manage, lead and relate to others when you’re at your best?
  • How can you utilize these strengths to be a more effective leader?

Leadership Challenges

  • Every leader has her dark side.
  • What qualities emerge when you’re under increased pressure and stress?
  • How do these factors decrease your effectiveness, disrupt relationships, and derail your success?


Are you more of an analytical, sequential, relational, or imaginative thinker?

How can you best communicate with and influence people who have different cognitive styles?


  1. Myers Briggs Type Indicator*
  2. Hogan assessment suite
    a. Hogan Personality Inventory (Strengths)*
    b. Hogan Development Inventory (Challenges)*
    c. Motives, Values, Preferences

Cognitive Preferences

  1. Herman Brain Dominance Inventory

Emotional Intelligence

  1. Emotional Competence Inventory – a well-researched standardized 360 survey that reflects how others perceive your performance in critical leadership competencies

* Complimentary for Platinum members – choose the two Hogan assessments or the MBTI


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