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5 sessions 1.5 hours each, one year follow up by phone or online.

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Executive coaching uncovers and expands the leader that only you can be. No course, book, or list of leadership actions can accomplish this. Just as a sports coaching assesses stance, speed, muscle strength, and more, executive coaching looks at every aspect of your leadership. Your coach ensures that you’re aligned with your purpose, that you command presence, communicate a compelling vision, make faster decisions, read and respond to people effectively.

Executive coaching begins with an assessment that may include 360° feedback. You and your coach examine how others see you then compare and contrast to how you see yourself. Together you review the assessment themes and decide which leadership muscles to develop so you can achieve your desired future. You gain insight in the safe environment executive coaching is known for. Your coach asks incisive questions. You see what was hidden from you before.

You and your coach develop and implement a plan of action. You practice new behaviors before going live. Later you review the effects of your actions and modify until you get the results you want and need.

3Plus also offers special coaching programs for introverts.

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