Returner Roll-Up #1 Back to Basics Kick-off – download


Calling all workplace “returners.”  Get your return to work basics firmly anchored. Don’t set yourself up for heart ache and even failure by missing this vital part of the process.


This online workshop Returner Roll Up will suit anyone who has taken a gap from work for any reason at all. It can be parenting leave, maternity leave, sick leave or a grown-up gap year – it doesn’t matter. Employers frequently cite the lack of a suitable candidate pool but that is because hiring managers and recruiters are looking in all the wrong places.

Join this series of online workshop to go through your Returner checklist. What sort of things do you need to catch up on.

The kick off download focuses on the critical getting back to basics. This is a must see session to make sure you have the core elements firmly anchored as part of your return to work strategy. Very often people try and skip this part of the process only to become unstuck further down the line. It’s like building a house without foundations or starting a jig saw from the middle. It is really hard and comes back to bit you in the bum!

Make sure you are on the right path!! The World Economic Forum says that 78% of organisations are actively trying to recruit more women. So make sure you are in the right place.


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