Returner Roll Up Session #6 – Building your Confidence

This will be a Returner Roll Up jam session packed with content and recorded so that you can listen at your leisure during the summer break. If  you can’t attend send in your questions by email and we will do our best to answer them. You can come back at the end of the summer invigorated and ready to tackle the market.


This online workshop Returner Roll Up will suit anyone who has taken a gap from work for any reason at all. It can be parenting leave, maternity leave, sick leave or a grown-up gap year – it doesn’t matter.  Employers frequently cite the lack of a suitable candidate pool but that is because hiring managers and recruiters are looking in all the wrong places.

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Product Description

The World Economic Forum says that 78% of organisations are actively trying to recruit more women. But if you have been out of the workforce for even a short period then the transition can seem daunting and even terrifying. The workplace is moving at an incredible speed  and it seems that it’s impossible to catch up.