Returner Roll-Up #2 Create a plan for your Online Job Search – download

Join this series of online workshop to go through your Returner checklist. What sort of things do you need to catch up on. We will touch on:

  • Anchoring the basics
  • Creating a strategy
  • Drafting a job search road map.


This will be a Returner Roll Up jam session packed with content and recorded so that you can listen at your leisure during the summer break. For those Returners who have been out of the workplace for more than 3 years will find many changes. Those who took a longer break will be in for a massive shock. Don’t get left behind. Download this important session that will help you anchor some of the job search basics to give vital structure to your job search. This will help you avoid the “spray and pray” methodology which so many which so many Returners employ which frequently leads to rejection.

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Product Description

The World Economic Forum says that 78% of organisations are actively trying to recruit more women. But if you have been out of the workforce for even a short period then the transition can seem daunting and even terrifying. The workplace is moving at an incredible speed and it seems that it’s impossible to catch up. Many Returners are overwhelmed and intimidated by the online developments. They feel dated and out of touch.

To cope and usually blissfully unaware, they use the “spray and pray”methodology  which lacks structure and precision. It almost always ends in rejection and heartache and leads to a downward spiral sometimes into depression. So don’t let that be you. It takes generally (although not always) between 6-9 months to land a job so it’s important to be strategic and systematic. Register for this online Power Coaching session to learn the very basics.